Circles Around The Sun To Play Post-Dead & Company Show In Boulder

first_img[courtesy of Greg Crist]With the release of the album proper, Interludes For The Dead, fans of the project were given the opportunity to once again listen to the brilliance that was created by Casal and cohorts. Clearly inspired by the Dead themselves, the songs on the album not only take various references from the legendary’s groups catalog, like “Kasey’s Bones,” “Farewell Franklins,” and “Scarlotta’s Magnolia’s,” the music itself veers in and out of themes and styles Jerry Garcia and his brothers-in-musical-arms put into action over the course of their career.Tickets for the show are currently on-sale and can be purchased here. For additional information and show updates, join the Facebook Event page.The Boulder Theater and Fox Theatre will both host several late-night events surrounding the Dead & Company run in Boulder. Take a look at the stacked lineup the venues have in store:June 8th – Nahko & Medicine for the People + Midnight North, Boulder Theater (purchase tix)June 8th – Marcus King Band + Tom Hamilton’s American Babies, Fox Theatre (purchase tix)June 9th – White Denim, Fox Theatre (purchase tix)June 9th – Circles Around The Sun, Boulder Theater (purchase tix)June 10th – BoomBox, Boulder Theater (purchase tix)June 10th – Dopapod, Fox Theatre (purchase tix)June 10th – Shakedown Street, Dragondeer, Cycles, and Mikey Thunder on The Hill – this is a free, outdoor event happening from 12p – 7p. 13th Street, in front of The Fox, will be converted into “Shakedown Street” – the pre-Dead & Co. marketplace gathering that will feature an outdoor stage (lineup below). We will be announcing this tomorrow at 10am MDT. I’ll have a link tomorrow after the announce and it will also be included on the series link I sent with all event. This event is FREE. For updates, check the Facebook Event page. Two summers back when the Grateful Dead were planning their 50th Anniversary Fare Thee Well performance at Soldier Field in Chicago, it was decided that Chris Robinson Brotherhood guitarist and frequent Phil Lesh & Friends collaborator Neal Casal would create the set-break music. The group he brought together was dubbed Circles Around The Sun, and many of us didn’t know exactly what we were hearing during those shows, but our ears could not stop listening as the Dead regrouped backstage for set two.As we learned that weekend, it was Casal, along with the help of keyboardist Adam MacDougall, bassist Dan Horne, and drummer Mark Levy, that kept the vibe at a high during set break. After debuting the project in a live setting last year for a few performances, Circles Around The Sun will play The Boulder Theater after Dead & Company‘s performance at Folsom Field in Boulder, CO on Friday June 9th.last_img read more

Fox News Just Called Radiohead “The Poor Man’s Coldplay”

first_imgEarlier this month, Fox News‘ Greg Gutfeld Show hosted comedian Kat Timpf to discuss this year’s nominations for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Timpf—in addition to oversharing that the men she chooses to date are “strange, malnourished, and sad”—had some pretty strong thoughts on the pioneering English alt-rock group Radiohead, stating that the band sounds like “elaborate moaning and whining over ringtone sounds.”Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Announces 2018 Induction NomineesAfterwards, the segment blew up and got a bunch of press coverage, and now, the saga continues. This Saturday, Timpf returned to the show to further discuss her strange, malnourished, and sad lovers (and some other stuff too), and in the process, host Gret Gutfeld chimed in with his thoughts on the Radiohead debacle.As such, this is an actual statement made by a Fox News host on-air and in all seriousness: “You know, Radiohead is a fine band, but they stole everything from Coldplay. Like Radiohead is the poor man’s Coldplay.” RADIOHEAD IS THE POOR MAN’S COLDPLAY. Go ahead and let that sink in.You can watch the insightful news commentary at the 36-minute mark of the stream of the full segment of Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Show below.[Video: GREAT US – NEWS][H/T Noisey; Photo: Matthew Baker]last_img read more

Nobel Peace Prize laureate joins IGLP Honorary Council at HLS

first_imgThe Institute for Global Law and Policy (IGLP) at Harvard Law School recently welcomed Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former president of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste José Manuel Ramos-Horta to the IGLP Honorary Council.As a member of the honorary council, Ramos-Horta will advise the IGLP, strengthen its ability to mentor young scholars, and join in discussions with doctoral and graduate students working in the fields of economic development, social justice and global political economy.Said HLS Professor and IGLP Faculty Director David Kennedy: “Ramos-Horta’s appointment is representative of the Institute’s strong commitment to engage leading public officials and policy practitioners thinking about global governance, social justice and economic policy in new ways. His expertise in the areas of diplomacy, democracy, human rights, mediation, and peace initiatives will enhance the institute’s research into the ways in which injustice can be reproduced and what can be done in response.”last_img read more

Heathers Takeover! 4 Ways to Get Your Slushie Fix Before The Show Closes

first_img 1. Hear the Cast Wail at 54 Below July 29 at 54 Below If you’ve listened to the killer cast album, you know the cast of Heathers is capable of some epic belting. Luckily, they’re all performing the songs of Heathers co-composer Laurence O’Keefe and his wife, lyricist Nell Benjamin live—so in addition to selections from Heathers, you’ll get to hear them sing Legally Blonde, Bat Boy and more. Hold me, Heather Chandler! Related Shows 4. See the Show at New World Stages Through August 4 Your turn, Heather! Grab a slushie and catch the wacky, wild and irreverent tuner in the flesh at off-Broadway’s New World Stages, starring Charissa Hogeland, Dave Thomas Brown, Jessica Keenan Wynn, Elle McLemore and Kristolyn Lloyd. But we’re warning you—someone’s gonna get hurt. Show Closed This production ended its run on Aug. 4, 2014 School’s out for Heathers—the zany musical take on the ’80s cult movie concludes its off-Broadway run August 4. But before you chug a big cup of Draino in protest (uh, just kidding, don’t ever do that), there are still four more ways to worship at the altar of Heather, Heather, Heather and Veronica before the musical closes. Ready for an oh-so-very week? Here comes a Heathers takeover! 2. Watch the Movie Under the Stars July 30 at SummerScreen in McCarren Park Let’s face it, we’ve all wanted to tell a stranger on a beach towel to “f*ck me gently with a chainsaw.” Well, now is your chance! McCarren Park will screen the 1988 movie that started it all in the great outdoors. Fingers crossed someone will bring croquet mallets and start an impromptu game. View Comments 3. Rock Out to “Candy Store” in the Park July 31 at Bryant Park Has the catchiest song since “Let It Go” officially invaded your brain? Instead of fighting it, embrace it on your lunch break. The cast of Heathers will perform a few of their hits from 12:30 to 1:30 at Broadway in Bryant Park, along with stars from Rock of Ages, Once and A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder. How very. Heathers: The Musicallast_img read more

We Lived in a Tent All Summer Together and We’re Still Married

first_imgThere we sat, huddled together at the newest brewery in town, first time together in months. With a slideshow of photos at the ready, I couldn’t wait to hear what intrigued my friends the most about our summer of adventure. Would it be the unforgettable seaside climbing, from which we lived minutes away? Perhaps they’d want to learn our ‘secret spots’, discovered from living, and playing in a well known national park? Or maybe it would be the laughable details surrounding how I had just spent every Saturday evening of summer wearing a Bigfoot costume, in exchange for free camping? Four months, and a deluge of topics from which to choose, led to a few moments of silence before, “So…you lived in a tent all summer with your wife?…And you’re still married? How did you guys not kill each other?” “Yeah”, said another friend. “I mean, my wife and I live in a 1,400 square foot townhouse and sometimes we just need our own space. How does that work in a tent?”It became apparent that the most interesting feature of our summer in Acadia National Park was, simply, the fact that my wife and I had survived each others’ company. I went home that night pondering an aspect of adventure that I’d never given significant thought to before: sharing it with someone you love.It wasn’t hard to recall memories so intertwined with this unique dynamic of exploring outside alongside my better half. There was the time my wife and I disagreed on where to set up our tent, while on a windswept coast in Newfoundland. I vowed for the epic spot, perched atop the signature 80-foot cliffs protecting the coast beneath us, while she argued for the wind-sheltered site 100 yards back. We went with the former, and I got some incredible pictures as a result. We also got no sleep, and ended up moving the tent to her spot, in the dark, at 3am, because things were whipping so badly out of control. In case you were wondering, the eye roll of an angry woman can, indeed, still be seen in the dark of night.It became apparent that the most interesting feature of our summer in Acadia National Park was, simply, the fact that my wife and I had survived each others’ company.I began to see why it was such a topic of intrigue for my friends. Unlike peanut butter and jelly, or rice and beans, love and adventure don’t always mix. In fact, that controversial pair of words likely just gave you either immense joy or left you cursing the invention of so called two-person tents (honestly, do they actually test these things with full size human beings?). It’s not hard to see why finding a partner with whom to share your adventures is such an elusive feat. After all, in order for it to work, a lot has to go your way, in a world where it often does the opposite. Weather changes, gear fails, bodies get dirty, muscles get tired, opinions differ, and tempers get short. It may not sound like a recipe for creating love, but when done correctly, sharing your world of adventure with a romantic partner can give you both immense satisfaction. Difficult to describe, and even harder to replicate, the feeling of walking through wild places with the one you love will forever be with you.Of course, just as likely a scenario when you set out with your dear amore is that your once sacred weekend adventure is now filled with life-sucking arguments and bickering. Tread carefully, my friend. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, and there will probably be times when you wish you were alone. Finding the right person is the biggest hurdle, but if love is in the air, and you’re set on bringing it with you on your next adventure, here is some advice from my own experiences to make it a success.1. Know your partner’s limitsYou may not have the same goals or comfort levels on a trip or in certain environments. That’s okay, as long as you understand the difference from the start. I know my wife skis slow (sorry babe, it’s true), would rather leave her climbing harness at home, and thanks to a crying fit of terror in Kolob Canyon, Utah, is terrified of mountain lions. In the same way, she knows how much I struggle with camp dishes, and how swimming in the ocean freaks me out (have you seen the size of marine animals?), despite her complete comfort with the notion. Although being outside your comfort zone is often part of the allure, we both try to remain aware of how far past that line we might be getting for the other.2. Flip flop the leaderUnless specifically requested by your partner, you shouldn’t always be the one leading, whether selecting the day’s goals or actually out on the trail. My wife and I will often alternate who sets the day’s objectives. This can be as simple as selecting what we’re doing, or more complex, involving the overall feel of the day (i.e. ‘I’d like today to feel relaxed’). Often, while hiking, my wife and I will flip flop who’s up front. This is a great way to ensure that neither of us are always second to that amazing view around the bend. We both maintain that feeling of discovery and setting the pace, with neither subjected to the backpack in front view for too long.3. Share camp choresYou’re tired, you’re hungry, the sun is going down, and all you want to do is sit still, while your partner sets up camp. If the hike has revealed that you never want to see this person again, thenby all means continue with this brilliant strategy. Otherwise, get up and do something! Maybe your‘never ever’ chores are things that they don’t mind doing, and vice versa. If you both dread the same chores, alternate who has to do them. Aslong as you are contributing in some way, you’ll avoid the sour mood created by a partner who was just forced to do all the work at the end of a long day.4. Maintain your own space, however small it may beWhether it’s a saddle bag on a bike, a vestibule in a tent, or the lid of a backpack, you should always keep an area to which only you have access. People need their own space, even in the healthiest of relationships and the smallest of spaces. A lot of it just comes down to organization, but it’s also a mental boost. I’m a lot happier knowing I can find my chapstick, headlight, or whatever it may be without having to dig through my wife’s gear too.    5. Don’t forget about hygieneBaby wipes, a cloth with clean water, and a toothbrush can go a long way towards happily inhabiting a small space with someone else. This should apply whether you’re thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail or just looking to transform your tent into a love shack on the next car camping trip. Admittedly, it will never be the same as a hot shower at home, and if you’re not at least a little dirty, then you’re not trying hard enough. Just keep this in mind: love and adventure can be a wild mix, but you’ll have a lot more fun together if it doesn’t always smell like one.last_img read more

Need employee inspiration? It’s time to go for the gold

first_imgFrom the final day of the Summer Olympics to the start of the US Open, what can we learn from these world-famous athletes about member service and employee engagement at your credit union? The hard work and athletic pursuits from team and individual sports shows ways to strengthen team building and management within your branches.Leadership Starts HereFrom runners to swimmers to the U.S. Women’s Gymnastic team; the winning athletes at this summer’s Olympics were all quick to acknowledge a role their coaches played. While practice and ability come down to the athletes, coaches are known for their character and motivation. Coaches are held responsible for wins and loses.Of Ledecky’s record time in the 400-meter freestyle, she said her goal for it came from her coach, Bruce Gemmell, noting, “I always rely on him to help set my goals because you never know what’s possible unless you hear somebody else say it.”1Just like coaching, as a team leader it’s important to remember you are there to help your team succeed and grow. What you do can make a big impact. From daily interactions to sharing special offers to helping out a more challenging client, your team will notice when you’re there for them.Practice and PersevereFor any sport, and most things in life, success is not guaranteed, and it most certainly doesn’t happen overnight. Successful athletes work hard, trying again and again to better themselves. Habits come from repetition.A team of employees likewise will not change overnight, nor should they be expected to know everything at once. For example, you can’t expect your employees to share current offers or bring up auto loans with members if they’ve never been trained on doing these things. When coaches give their players the right tools and training the motions become like second nature. Continuous work and practice will help things go smoothly for your team as well.Along with this, take note of things that are working better than others and learn from these observances. A smart leader makes sure communication is a two-way street. You share and teach, but you also need to listen and respond to your employees so that everyone is on the same page.Communication is KeyTo have success in team sports players need to work as a group, but they also need to know their individual role within that group. A soccer team wouldn’t be successful if everyone were trying to be the goalie. Communication about who has which role, and who is ready to back them up, is essential to playing together.This is the same inside a business, especially a business that is highly geared toward member service. Your team needs to know what they can do as individuals, what they need another team member for, and who they can turn to when situations out of their scope arise. Like a coach, the leader of your team needs to recognize strengths and weaknesses as well. This allows the team to work together in the best way possible. Be Prepared For the Uncontrollable The winning moment in sports does not come without a few unexpected moments along the way. As an athlete trains to win they are also training in preparation for the things they can’t control. Repetitive training helps basic things become second nature, and training for various scenarios helps them be ready for a variety of situations.At your credit union it’s useful to train and explain what is expected beforehand in situations. Should every member be asked to open a credit card? Do your tellers know the details of your newest offer? What if a member has a problem with their auto loan or wants to close their account? If these situations are trained for before they happen your employees can feel confident knowing how to handle them.Respect for Others, Win or LoseThough some sporting programs exemplify it better than others, one of the big lessons taught early on is respect for others: be it team members, coaches or opponents. Sportsmanship is exemplifying appropriate behavior, playing by the rules and being gracious through wins and losses.Your team members should portray this same level of respect for everyone they have contact with. There may not be any opponents trying to beat them in a sports game, but we have all met with customers that challenge us from time to time. It’s not always easy to stay positive in these situations, but when respect is communicated the process can go a whole lot smoother.Set Goals and Recognize AchievementsThe big goal of an athlete might be staring in the Olympics or US Open, but to get there they had to set and achieved a myriad of smaller goals. Goals can be a mix of subjective (trying your best) or objective (finishing that last lap faster than yesterday), but they all require hard work and obtainable milestones.As you train and lead your credit union team, it’s important to not only make goals but to recognize achievements. As with goals, recognition can range from verbal recognition for progress to physical rewards in achieving clearly places mile markers. It’s been proven that ideas like extra time off or lunch on management can go a long way.This doesn’t mean your team needs to be pandered to at every turn; they are not a little league baseball team. What it does mean is that as clearly as you train, practice and prepare as individuals and as teams, you should also outline what is expected and what employees can expect from leadership and the company in return. Remember, proper communication is a two-way street, and effective leaders are remembered for their ability to motivate and help accomplish a task.“Katie Ledecky and her coach set crazy goals for Rio. Or did they?”, Dave Sheinin, Wall Street Journal, 8/10/16. 35SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Ben Prager Prior to forming Prager Creative, Ben worked with design studios, branding firms and advertising agencies to push great strategy and design for all his projects. His experience with all aspects … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Riverhead Crash Leaves Driver Dead

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A driver was killed when his truck was involved in a crash with an SUV in Riverhead over the New Year’s holiday weekend.Riverhead Town Police said Jason Damianos was driving a Ford pickup truck when he was involved in a collision with a Jeep Cherokee at the corner of Harrison Avenue and Old Country Road shortly before 6 a.m. Friday.The victim was pronounced dead at Peconic Bay Medical Center. The SUV driver was treated for her injuries.Riverhead Town Police Detectives are continuing the investigation and ask anyone with information on the cause of the crash to call them at 631-727-4500 ext. 328.last_img read more

AHF: Over 900 million euros of investment in tourism is expected this year

first_imgThe sixth in a row, also the largest investment conference in Southeast Europe – Adria Hotel Forum, gathered on Wednesday about 350 most important names of the hotel and development industry, investment funds and regional experts in tourism.The main theme of this year’s AHF is: Our own responsibility, which answers questions about how each industry stakeholder can increase productivity, competitiveness and quality in their own projects over the next five to ten years, following the trends of the tourism industry. In the introductory part, the meeting was welcomed by Zlatan Muftić from the Zagreb Tourist Board, Frano Matušić, State Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia and the British Ambassador to Croatia Andrew Dalgleish.Matusic presented the basic performance of Croatian tourism, which last year recorded records in tourist arrivals (11,5 million) and revenues (8,7 billion euros). “The continuous growth of arrivals and revenues shows that Croatian tourism is competitive on the global market and that we are an attractive destination for investors. We have managed to achieve that the sun and the sea are no longer the primary motives for coming, and we are attracting tourists with higher purchasing power. This year we expect over 900 million euros of investments, which is 13 percent more than in 2017, but through better cooperation between the private and public sectors, we can have even more. Still untapped potential is congress tourism, which enables year-round hotel operations Said Matusic.Damian Harrington (Colliers International) presented to the participants the main key macroeconomic trends at the global level and stressed that last year was marked by great geo-political instability, that we are currently witnessing market and financial volatility, but that economic indicators continue to grow. Marc Finney (Colliers International), Christian Giraud (Accor Hotels) and Kenneth Hatton (Belmond) participated in the panel A Look at the Mediterranean and European Environment for the next five years, and the discussion was moderated by British journalist Andrew Sangster (Hotel Analyst). Finney pointed out that currently European hotels are doing well, that growth can be expected next year, but that the question is whether the same dynamics will continue in three to five years.Finney believes that the 2008 economic crisis will not be repeated globally, but that it is realistic to expect a slowdown in growth. He also announced the return of destinations that have been in difficulty in recent years: Tunisia, Turkey and Egypt to the global competitiveness map. In his opinion, the best investment destination at the moment is Cyprus. Christian Giraud pointed out that there is currently so much money on the world market that everyone wants to participate in investment and growth, that Europe has a year advantage over the US, but agreed that at some point there will be a slowdown. He also pointed out the great interest of investors in investing in the region of SE Europe, especially in the luxury and lifesyle segment. Giraud also sees potential in building resorts with internationally recognized brands, especially in the Mediterranean. Its focal point for investment is currently Eastern Europe.Kenneth Hatton also mentioned the strong growth of the SE Europe market, but stressed that many destinations still do not have clearly defined products and offers, which should be ‘packaged’ into certain niche segments. New Zealand is currently the best investment opportunity for him. Christian Giraud at the end of the panel pointed out that currently the problem of high construction costs is much bigger than the threat of a new financial crisis.Zdenko Lucić from the Agency for Investments and Competitiveness presented the current Croatian investment potential, environment and benefits offered to investors and projects that are in the Government’s investment catalog. Damir Davidović, State Secretary of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, used the same opportunity, emphasizing that Montenegro has completed one large investment cycle and is now moving on to the next. The country also broke all tourism records last year and has a dozen large projects in the pipeline that already have investors (for example, Porto Montenegro, worth 450m euros, backed by Dubai capital).In a conversation between Keith Evans (Starwood Capital) and Ulf Pleschiutsching (Morgan Stanly), on investment strategies, moderated by Dirk Bakker (Collers International), it was discussed whether the return of strong rivals (Turkey and North Africa) is a threat to the destinations that are most profited from their geo-political problems. Evans mentioned that Croatia has been in demand among investors in the last few years, that more and more brands are interested in hotel management, and that he sees many opportunities. According to him, resorts with a certain mix of products are the preferred model in which to invest on the Croatian coast. Pleschiutsching pointed out that the construction of hotels in the four- and five-star segments is expensive for destinations that have limited tourism only in the summer months.Thomas Emanuel (STR), introduced hotel performance of the hotel sector in Europe in 2017. and forecasts for the sector this year. Occupancy of European hotels has increased by 10 percent in the last ten years and all destinations are recording an increase in revenue per room (RevPAR). This year, that growth should be five percent. “People are traveling despite terrorism and markets that have fallen into trouble are returning this year. In the Mediterranean market, the sun shines everywhere, and Portugal, Greece and Croatia had the best performance last year. Last year, revenue per room in Croatian hotels rose by 14 percent ”Said Emanuel. The highest occupancy is recorded in hotels in Prague, while Athens is the leader in the average room price.Na panel Key drivers Marybelle Arnett (Hilton), Otmar Michaeler (Falkensteiner & Michaeler Gorup), Ivana Budin Arhanić (Valamar Riviera), Živorad Vasić (InterContinental Hotels Group), Gordana Martinović (Zagrebačka banka) participated in the change, and the panel was moderated by Takuya Ayoama (Hyatt International). Arnett said that Hilton, which has two branded hotels in Croatia, is opening three more in the region this year – Tirana, Skopje and Belgrade. The current focus of Hilton, which has 375 branded hotels in Europe and another 100 on hold, is precisely Central and Eastern Europe.Otmar Michaeler, who has been on the Croatian market for many years, says that in the past 20 years many brands of various business models have appeared in Croatia and that currently everyone who sells beds is a competition. He pointed out that Falkensteiner used to be interested in the leisure model, while now they are focused on city hotels and the development of the luxury segment. He mentioned some of the advantages of investing in Croatia, but it still slows down the bureaucratic system and the fact that privatization is not over yet. Živorad Vasić emphasized that InterContinental is preparing some projects in Zagreb, Ljubljana and Belgrade and emphasized that he has a feeling that banks still do not fully understand the nature of the hotel business and the way in which it generates revenues.Gordana Martinović, on behalf of Zagrebačka banka, pointed out that her company, when studying the investment potential, looks not only at what the project is like, but also at its significance for the wider community and the larger market. Ivana Budin Arhanić spoke on behalf of the largest hotel group in Croatia about how large investors regularly face problems in destinations such as unresolved ownership issues and the uncertainty of fiscal policy, but that Valamar Riviera has learned to deal with it. “The fact is that local players in Croatia are more successful in consolidation and grow faster and better through acquisitions than international investors. ”said Budin.The last panel of the first part of the Adria Hotel Forum, moderated by journalist Dora Koretić (Hanza Media), was attended by representatives of the Ministries of Tourism who spoke about where they see the future of hotels in their destinations. Frano Matušić reiterated that Croatia is an excellent country for investment and that currently the main strategy of Croatia is the development of brownfield, not greenfield investment, which surprised many present.Damir Davidović said that Montenegro has already reached a good level, but it is still far from being completely satisfied. He said Russian investors had been replaced by investors from the Middle East and that the country was open to investors from the West. “Of all investments in Montenegro, 34 percent are in tourism. However, the big problem of Montenegro is that 76 percent of the capacity is in private accommodation ” says Davidović.Konrad Mizzi, the Minister of Tourism of Malta, said that Malta has undergone a transformation from a resort to a city break destination in the last few years (15 new hotel beds are currently under construction), with the largest increase in tourists in January and March. Mizzi attaches great importance to the creation of additional facilities and large attractions that attract various types of tourists.George Tziallas, Greece’s tourism minister, said his country was finally emerging from the crisis and that Greece had a new tourism strategy based on extending the season, new facilities and opening new destinations on the coast and islands in the Ionian Sea.  “Greece has only six percent of branded hotels in high categories, which means that there is still great potential. Smaller boutique brands are coming to us and we currently have 300 apps to build new and renovate existing hotelsTziallas concluded.last_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Monday, May 13

first_imgI especially appreciated your emphasis on the fact that sex trafficking is not just a “big city problem” and that “Schenectady is a particularly attractive target for sex traffickers because of its proximity to interstates and New York City.” Therefore, to keep both Democrats protecting our city and schools, it’s critical to vote for Michele Madigan to return as Commissioner of Finance in the Democratic primary on June 25 and thereby keeping Patty Morrison on the Board of Education. One vote for Madigan will guarantee two Democrats will represent us and fight for our values. We need to keep her on the Board of Education to protect her seat and vote from those we disagree with. Morrison is running for the Saratoga Springs Commissioner of Finance, a job held for the past seven-plus years by fellow Democrat Michele Madigan, who has been endorsed by the Democratic Committee for re-election. How on Earth are you going to enforce this law? By hiring more people to surf the streets looking for children selling lemonade? No, some curmudgeon will rat out the poor kid.   I worked in a restaurant years ago and and I know for a fact that the Health department would call the manager or inn keeper and give them a days’ notice that they were coming. We all scurried around making everything “up to Health Dept. standards.” Perhaps the Health Department will call the parents before poor Johnny and Mary get slapped with a fine. Kathy WilsonSaratoga Springs The whole notion of having to legislate children’s “Kool-Aid or lemonade stand is absolutely absurd to any normal thinking person and I am sure Sen. Tedisco (whom I like) probably feels the same way. The success of our agency comes from the quality of our outreach, case management and therapeutic programs, both residential and non-residential, with the aim of instilling in each client the importance of self-dignity and enduring relationships. The work we do not only strengthens and empowers the youth we serve, but it also strengthens the community in which we live. Since 1985, Safe Inc. of Schenectady’s primary goal has been to provide outreach, counseling, advocacy and shelter to homeless, runaway, “throw-away,” at-risk and sexually-exploited youth. Unfortunately, state law is very clear: A person cannot stay on the Board of Education and be an elected city official. As you stated, it’s noteworthy that Schenectady County District Attorney Robert Carney has been taking positive steps with the state Office of Court Administration to initiate a human trafficking court to serve the Schenectady area. We welcome all collaborative efforts to enable sex-trafficked victims to avoid incarceration. Well throw out the old adage “When life hands you lemons make lemonade,” but not without a permit. I would like to meet the individual that could walk up to a child and tell him it is against the law to sell lemonade, not beer or wine but lemonade. This is the world we live in today. Sad really sad. Leave Morrison and Madigan in seatsIf we are smart in the primary on June 25, we can have two Democrats supporting our values instead of one. Patty Morrison currently has the important role of protecting our values as a member of the Board of Education, with several years left on her term. Laws for lemonade stands are absurdI cannot believe that I am writing an opinion on governing a lemonade stand. Barbara DworkinSchenectadyThe writer is the Board President of Safe Inc. of Schenectady. Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionHuman-trafficking efforts improve livesThank you so very much for your May 5 editorial which highlighted the community fight against human trafficking.  We want to partner with our community courts and social service agencies to enable these victims to have access to the medical care, housing, education and job training essential for future success. Linda CorteseNiskayunaMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesGov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18last_img read more

Cheap and cheerful

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