For several days the number of shops stolen people and Road police to increase inspection efforts

– reporter witnessed the scene

December 2nd, Xining City Economic and Technological Development Zone Road is the source of people and supermarket employees get up your newly found week, gate cut a large hole, store things dragged out of order, even a week your sink supermarket robbed!

original, at 20:40 on December 1st or so, after the end of the day Zhou Guilian inventory of the business section, open the store alarm, he returned to the supermarket on the third floor of the dormitory rest. 23:30, Zhou Guilian in the market after a tour, see the supermarket door intact, there is nothing unusual, go back to sleep. However, in the morning, I found the glass door of the supermarket is open, there is a big hole in the door, and there are a lot of things on the shelves. Zhou expensive heart to think, last night also did not hear what action, the alarm did not ring, ah, how the thief came in? So, he called to inform the responsible person of the supermarket, and reported to the public security organ. read more