Xining a post office for half a year does not start to take measures

in August last year, the first Xining city occupation technical school (Xining post) opened 21 teaching 31 classes in Haidong Prefecture, enrolled and registered 1358 students, plans in September 1st of the same year, school classes. But today, 31 classes are not a normal life of school classes, 1358 students and 31 teachers employed by the majority of farmers so confusing, students want to dare to go to the provinces to work, stay at home and wait and do nothing; a lot of employed teachers to give up some other jobs…… March 10th, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of education Wang Guangxian responded positively to the above problems: the municipal educational administrative departments and schools will be people-oriented, the concept of service for farmers, quickly organized a Xining vocational school (Hai Dong) each school class immediately classes classes, which has enrolled students enrolled farmers as soon as possible, have to learn. read more