UNICEF and Fox Kids Europe announce partnership to promote girls education

UNICEF said it would work together with Fox Kids Europe (FKE) on a series of promotional initiatives throughout the five-month build-up to the Fox Kids Cup international final. The Fox Kids Cup 2003 will be the biggest in its history with an expected participation of more than 200,000 players from 20 countries. Each participating country will host tournaments in association with national football federations or schools’ associations. The tournaments will begin this month in more than 130 cities around the world. All children participating in the Cup will be asked to collect pledges from spectators, fans and friends in support of girls’ education and UNICEF’s “Go Girls! Education for Every Child” campaign, which aims to get girls into school in 25 priority countries by 2005. “This partnership gives us the chance to spotlight the right to education as fundamental to every child’s development,” said Marjorie Newman-Williams, Director of the Division of Communication at UNICEF. “Every effort to get a girl into school is one that helps to safeguard not only her future but also that of an entire generation of girls and boys.”UNICEF and FKE first teamed up last year to promote “Say Yes for Children,” a campaign in which over 94 million people pledged support for 10 basic principles to protect and improve the lives of children. Shari Donnenfield, FKE’s Executive Director of Research and Marketing, said UNICEF’s commitment to sport and children makes it the ideal partner for the tournament. read more