Heat killed a 3 year old boy found dead inside a

Autopsy results have confirmed that the three year old boy found dead inside a car in Burlington yesterday was killed by the heat.An autopsy performed on Thursday May 24th determined the child died from hyperthermia from being left in the hot vehicle for an extended period of time.Last July, Dr. Anthony Crocco sat inside a parked car to show what happens to your body on a hot day“Just being in that car for the first 30 seconds, was a physically uncomfortable experience for me. I started to sweat, my heart racing a bit, felt really uncomfortable, didn’t want to be there”.Crocco says it’s even more dangerous for a child.“With children they’re in a car seat, it acts as an insulator when they’re in a car. It’s like wearing a blanket in a hot car”.Under the province’s good Samaritan act, you are legally allowed to break a car window if you’re trying to save a life but you should always call 911 first. read more