Can’t blame him

first_imgRe “Grayja-vu” (Out Opinions, Nov. 16): When Gov. Schwarzenegger first took office, he was hellbent to make significant changes that would improve California and the life of all Californians. But when he attempted to do this with his reforms that the Legislature would not sanction and he went directly to the people for their support, we the people let him down. So our governor listened to our voices and with egg on his face shifted into a more conciliatory mode out of necessity. We cannot blame him for the mess California is in, we can only blame ourselves, and of course our other elected officials in Sacramento who care more about their own agendas than properly governing and improving our state and who by the defeat of the governor’s propositions were emboldened. – Millie Derose San Fernando What you pay for Re “Who will take pay raises?” (Nov. 20): So, City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo will be earning (I mean getting) $214,546 a year. Do you think that maybe, just maybe, he could set aside some money in the household budget for auto insurance? And maybe just a little more in case someone in the family, let’s say, a wife, gets behind the wheel of a city vehicle and fails to bring it back in the same condition. So much for the phrase, “you get what you pay for.” – Eric Heilbrun Valencia L.A. Library Re “Checking out the Central Library” (Know, Nov. 20): Another great way to get to the L.A. Library from the Valley is by Metrolink or the Red Line subway. After arriving at the train station downtown, just walk across Alameda to catch the “B” Dash bus. Your Metrolink stub is good for the Dash bus; otherwise it costs 25cents. The bus stops right across the street from the library. – Ruth Lockwood Granada Hills Senior clothing I am a senior citizen and I have no empathy for retail clothing stores that are crying that their sales are in jeopardy. And why is this? Because they cater only to the young. Our boobs droop, out butts sag and our stomachs protrude – but we like the luxury of nice clothing and enjoy wearing them. Where do we find nice clothing? Designers, wake up! Only you can help the economy. – Grace N. Gremer West Hills Enlightened Re “Bearing arms” (Your Opinions, Nov. 15): Everyone dislikes some part of the Constitution and if we removed all the items that everyone disagreed with there wouldn’t be a Constitution, which is why the Founding Fathers made it so hard to change. Paul Hutchinson somehow feels that most countries in the world are more “enlightened” than America. If Paul were truly enlightened he would realize that before a nation can be considered enlightened, its citizens would have to be enlightened, and if the citizens were enlightened we wouldn’t need gun laws or any laws as far as that goes. – George Henderson Burbank Why obesity Re “Child obesity soars” (Nov. 20): Fact: Metabolism is genetic, unalterable, and determines a person’s weight. Skinny people can eat all they want, and remain skinny. To find the cause of obesity, look to the family tree – not to caloric intake. There is help: Speeding digested foods through the small intestines can offset the effects of metabolism. Certain foods and medications can do this, such as prunes, prune juice, Metamucil, light laxatives, fruit and vegetables, etc. Conversely, fatty foods, such as butter, cheese, mayonnaise, regular milk, pastries, red meat, french fries, ice cream, etc., tend to slow the movement, and thus cater to our metabolism. – Fred Coble North Hills Highlighting Re “LAX braces for 1.85 million travelers over 10 days” (Nov. 15): Shouldn’t all the publicity about the breakdown of airport security have been kept classified? This way, we’re just highlighting for terrorists how to do it. – Don Gately Valencia160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more