Vendler on Dickinson

first_img“In analyzing any poem,” says Helen Vendler, “you are like a conductor studying a score, seeing the whole and at the same time noticing the compelling detail, as the long arc of linked sounds displays individual ravishing moments.”A renowned critic and A. Kingsley Porter University Professor, Vendler has written about many major poets, including John Keats, Wallace Stevens, and W.B. Yeats. Now she has turned to Amherst, Massachusetts’ own: the hermetic and prolific Emily Dickinson. In “Dickinson: Selected Poems and Commentaries,” Vendler looks closely at 150 of Dickinson’s more than 1,700 poems, further illuminating the writer who has enthralled generations of devotees and scholars, including Vendler.“The charm of Dickinson for me is that there are more poems than anyone not herself could hold in mind at once — and the permutations and combinations that arise in comparing one poem with another are infinite,” she says. “The possibilities for commentary offered by her work are very tempting.”In “Dickinson,” Vendler’s kinship with the poet is evident, and her commentaries profound.“I have been lingering on some of these poems since I was 13, when I memorized many of the famous ones,” Vendler recalls. “Dickinson’s greatest intellectual originality lies in her startling redefining of ‘known’ concepts.“Hope, as one of the three theological virtues, has an ample conceptual history. But on her page, hope ‘is the thing with feathers —’. Renunciation is a longstanding religious concept. But on her page, it is ‘the putting out of Eyes / Just Sunrise —’.”Vendler notes that the chief discoveries of Dickinson’s character have already been made: “Critics have pointed out Dickinson’s intelligence, her learning, her skepticism, her mockery, her self-irony, her humor, her genius for comparison. … Her originality lies in how she revises her inherited themes. Her greatest departures from earlier English lyrics appear in her cheerful and satiric blasphemies: ‘Abraham to kill him / Was distinctly told — / Isaac was an Urchin — Abraham was old —’.”And Dickinson’s greatest descriptive originality lies in her angle of vision, says Vendler. “Instead of describing hills and valleys, she may describe the light: ‘A Light exists in Spring / Not present on the Year / At any other period —’,  or ‘There’s a certain Slant of light.’ She dwells on the ethereal, as when — in a poem that puzzled me at first — she defines an indefinable ‘it’ by a series of comparisons: ‘’Tis whiter than an Indian Pipe / ’Tis dimmer than a Lace —’, and so on. It took a while for me to realize that she was describing the soul. She never gives it a name at all, but concludes, ‘This limitless Hyperbole / Each one of us shall be — / ’Tis Drama — if Hypothesis / It be not Tragedy —’.“I hope that readers will discover in my selection poems they hadn’t known before, less anthologized ones: the macabre, the defiant, the lethal. ‘It is playing — kill us, / And we are playing — shriek —’,” Vendler says.“Existence in 10 words.”last_img read more

‘El Chapo’ capture praised by Latin American leaders

first_img Government leaders from throughout Central and South America have congratulated the Mexican government for the capture of fugitive drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. The presidents of Guatemala, Colombia and Costa Rica were among the international leaders who lauded the arrest. Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina said during a press conference that the arrest represents “a success in the fight against international drug trafficking. (El Chapo) was one of the most wanted criminals in the region and in all the world. Those who engage in crime have to answer sooner or later, because as long as they are unpunished they will continue to be pursued.” The arrest of El Chapo could lead to important intelligence concerning the operations of the Sinaloa Cartel in Guatemala and elsewhere in Central America, Perez Molina said. More than 80 percent of the cocaine which is smuggled into the United States is transported through Central America, according to a 2013 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report issued by the U.S. State Department. The Sinaloa Cartel has been active in Guatemala for at least two decades. The transnational criminal organization often forms alliances with local gangs to smuggle drugs and to fight Los Zetas, which also operates in Guatemala. Mexican Marines and police captured El Chapo inside a Mazatlan condominium at about 6:40 a.m. on Feb. 22, 2014. El Chapo was curled up in bed with his beauty queen wife, Emma Coronel, according to published reports. Security forces arrested El Chapo without firing a single shot. The capture, which ended a thirteen-year search for the fugitive drug lord after he escaped from a Mexican prison in 2001, is considered a major blow to a drug trafficking network that extends not only throughout the Western Hemisphere but to Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia as well. The capture of El Chapo negates rumors that the Mexican government was favoring the Sinaloa Cartel, and will help improve security throughout Latin America said Raul Benitez Manaut, president of the Collective for the Analysis of Security with Democracy (CASEDE) in Mexico City. “With the capture of El Chapo, the hypothesis of supposed negotiations by the Mexican government with the Sinaloa Cartel breaks down and confirms that the government of President Enrique Pena Nieto is focused on the fight against drug trafficking kingpins,” Benitez Manaut said. “Among drug traffickers, El Chapo is the King of Kings, a high-value target. His capture is a hard-hitting blow to the Sinaloa Cartel.” Security forces in Latin America and Mexico must remain vigilant, the security analyst said. “When someone of this stature is captured, organized crime operatives may respond with a wave of kidnappings and dramatic violence,” Benitez Manaut said. “There may be many violent Sinaloa Cartel cells which try to survive.” Thank you for your article that helps eliminate these BLOODTHIRSTY AND OUTCAST people from our society… as well as him, whose name I shouldn’t mention for being so unworthy of having it. There are others in the societies, NOT EVEN DEATH WILL BE THE WORST PUNISHMENT… Reading the news of this great newspaper is very gratifying. Very good article. CONGRATULATIONS ON THAT GREAT SERVICE THAT BENEFITS MANKIND…WE HOPE THAT IT CAN SERVE AS AN EXAMPLE FOR OTHERS…AND MAKE THEM RECONSIDER THEIR ACTIONS… YOUNG PEOPLE CELEBRATE INTERNALLY THIS ACT OF INTELLIGENCE SO WORTHY OF ADMIRATION… Idiots, he helped a lot of people and also he never stole or took anything from anyone for you to arrest him. But he is smarter than all the military men combined, and soon will be released. As long as governments financed by drug trafficking exist, they can stop another 1000 Chapos and things will remain the same or worse. Very objective!! It’s a great example that our authorities should learn. If the small thieves rule and live like kings in prison, imagine the luxuries and accommodations that Chapo Guzman must have in his jail. It is the bloodiest spectacle that Mexico has had in a while, some due to negligence such as the explosions that occurred in the sites contaminated with gasoline, or the recent earthquake. The problem is not the capos and the company themselves, but the demand and wealth that the value of the product generates. Other capos and companies will come, money has no limits. It’s a matter of legality, if it was controlled by the states they wouldn’t sacrifice the people as much as the Mexicans had to. What nature gives us, the bank won’t lend us. Reflect, enough with this circus, scientists and politicians, let’s look for the lesser evil… I disagree with the capture of El Chapo. There will be more violence everywhere, Los Zetas will grow even more and will invade the entire Mexico. This capture shadows the situation in Mexico. With the entry of transnationals who arrive to Mexico, exploit poor people and take away big amounts of dollars. I think the Mexican president is mediocre. This type of delinquents should never be free, especially when the result of their activity is harm to the health and life of many youngsters throughout the world, not to mention the blood spilled and the tears of the victims’ families. Similarly, one should aspire for sanctions to the full extent of the law, with no hesitation or considerations. Capturing and sanctioning drug traffickers is the least they can do to free the world from this monster called DRUG ADDICTION, that leads to other felonies such as assassinations, trafficking, prostitution, money laundering, usury. Well done by the government and the Mexican police. Only God knows why he does things. Have him sent to the North American justice that he’s been requesting. In Mexico he can escape again, just like other bloodthirsty cartel chiefs who corrupt justice administration. Every arrest of a drug kingpin helps eradicate the affliction of drug trafficking. Once El Chapo serves his sentence, criminals will receive him like a hero. That is if he comes out alive; he caused so much pain to humanity that he deserves to be guillotined, so that a precedent is set. It’s a significant progress for the safety of the cities afflicted by this disease. it’s good that they captured him The military high command are in agreement with drug traffickers, the latter give lots of money to the soldiers who are not good patriots. They capture poor people and pretend that they are drug traffickers. Soldiers should be investigated, you’ll see that out of 100.000 there will only be 5 left, because the rest will go to prison. Everything was planned because his position with president Peñas Nieto is very good. The actor that was chosen to take him was very well trained, and El Chapo is just as good in his performance. Analyze the videos carefully. Very interesting information about the biggest narc in the world. Mexican people and government, congratulations on your big achievement; just like you are trying to find a way to stop that affliction, the US should do the same. Maybe that way things will go better, since there are more and better resources. Too bad they captured him. Keep writing those articles, they are very informative and that’s how people find out about what’s really happening in the area and in the world. Thank you. This guy has to get the maximum penalty, for being corrupt and for poisoning the young with his damned drugs. Congratulations to the authorities, in this case the Mexican ones, for capturing this individual. ON THE ONE HAND IT;S GOOD THAT THE WHOLE CRIMINAL GROUP COLLAPSES BUT THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD HELP THE POOR PEOPLE BY USING THE FORTUNES OF THE DRUG LORDS. DON’T LET THE WHITE COLLAR POLITICIANS KEEP ALL AND THEN LET EVERYONE ELSE GET ON WITH THEIR LIVES; NO RESPECT FOR THE DRUG LORD. One has to be prudent when analyzing this information because we know how corrupt the political parties, the army and the Mexican police are. They had to incorporate the Navy to combat drug trafficking. Who knows if this gentleman was a nuisance to the financiers of these cartels. How many great drug lords have fallen and drugs increasingly continue to flow? While the influx of dollars from the colossal north continues we shouldn’t give much importance to this news. The North American drug-consumption market is strongly backed by dollars to maintain this influx. We have yet to witness the capture of a great drug lord in the U.S. Maybe the drugs go directly to each consumer from Mexico. Right now it’s good. Although it’s lacking a final ending. What will happen? What mystery will there be? That’s very important. I would like you to do justice for your country and not in the U. S. because only they will cover the sun with a finger and that is not fair. Actually it’s not fair for those that were hurt by el Chapo. What took them so long to capture this guy? Is it that the Mexican authorities are as corrupt or more than the Colombian ones? They must keep working, because el Chapo is not the only bandit. I bet there are thousands more. Good job, Mexicans. What a pity, right? The fight against drug trafficking should be relentless, and it should set an example for those who think they can live with impunity. It’s not only drugs that cause damage, but also the violence they generate. This is good news for the world. Good Good for Mexico, less drugs on the streets in the world. Joel Benigni Drugs are the main enemy – social evil. They are no good and should come to an end. Everything that’s happening throughout the hemisphere is healthy for our countries. The whole world aspires and expects the exemplary punishment for the government of Maduro. We must all go against this oppressing mismanagement. The government of Colombia shouldn’t tolerate the guerrilla people in Cuba. This is old news, you should publish recent ones. I don’t like it. Yes, I DON’T like it, El Chapo is the public figure of the cartel, but who is behind him? What politicians, military chiefs, police offers and diplomats are behind him, to make them so infallible??? Send him to a U.S. prison, DEATH PENALTY Publish the news of the escape along with this one… they congratulate Mexico for the capture of El Chapo.. and then they criticize it for the escape hahahaha CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THOSE INVOLVED IN THIS CAPTURE. WITH EFFORT AND PATIENCE WE WILL TAKE THEM ALL DOWN. GOD BLESS THE GOOD MEN AND WOMEN OF THIS LAND. It’s good that they continue capturing that plague, however the question is: where do the millions of dollars seized by the authorities end up, do they turn everything in? Check the pockets of the government officials, of their families and friends and more importantly of the politicians. My opinion is the following:1- If you start using drugs, first take care of your nutrition, don’t lose weight or height.2- If you start using drugs, make sure to have a clear sense of your emotional behavior, if you lose this sense, WORRY!3- Keep in mind very clearly that you need to find an intelligent link in order to dive into any hallucination, etc, to achieve the sweet high, am I clear?…OK4- As you keep going, you will realize what you can do to earn money, a little of it or a lot. What you are reading is the main requirement coming from a friend, a great friend!5- If you see this, you see it all – Kisses and hugs. It’s a very important capture to fight organized crime. That capture is an important achievement, what comes next? VERY GOOD, THIS WAY WE’LL PUT AN END TO ALL THE CRIMES THAT HURT THIS WORLD IN TURMOIL. What Diego Alberto says is true!!!!! And they think that by negotiating the surrender of Guzman, drug trafficking is over????? Haha, the Sinaloa Cartel keeps working like a clock. Everything is the same and the politicians and “authorities” are more corrupt than shit. That’s the reality, corruption is everywhere, and that’s why drug trafficking will keep on going. CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHY DRUG TRAFFICKERS AREN’T CAPTURED IN THE U.S.A. SINCE THAT’S WHERE THE DRUGS ARE USED? OR ARE THEY IMPORTED THROUGH INVISIBLE SKYLIGHTS? A tough blow for drug trafficking and for those who benefit from it…. It’s very clear that, when institutions act in a correct manner and in compliance with their obligations, for which they were elected for and trusted with, everything falls into place. Even the mightiest mobsters and criminals in the world can be taken down. Crime and drug trafficking last as long as enabled by the complicity or convenience of the people responsible in the countries. It’s a good start for a cleanup. Congratulations to the Mexican government for capturing the biggest criminal in the world, because the drugs that are being trafficked throughout the world harm and kill the millions of youngsters that use them. And so I encourage the Mexican government, and I pray to God to give them strength and courage to continue fighting drug trafficking and organized crime. FOR ME, DRUG TRAFFICKING IS WHAT HELPS SURVIVING IN THIS WORLD. LET’S NOT FORGET HOW MANY PEOPLE IN MEXICO ARE UNEMPLOYED. HOW MANY CORRUPT POLICEMEN ARE THERE, BECAUSE THEY DECIDE TO JOIN DRUG TRAFFICKING? BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT PAYS THEM WELL OR BECAUSE I think that yet another episode of the Sinaloa Cartel ended with the capture of Chapo Guzman, but it’s not the end of drug trafficking…. THAT’S GOOD, CHEERS FOR THAT CAPTURE. The only way to fight drug trafficking and the war in Colombia and Central America is by legalizing drugs. That way it will stop being such a profitable business and its marketability will decrease. You think that what he’s doing is OK? It’s good to have this kind of excellent news. This business will never end. Tell me how many capos are there in the US, and how many are they capturing in the country that consumes the most drugs in the world. There is only one way out, which is Jesus Christ. Justice had to be done one day, because God is powerful. Nothing will happen to him. Everyone is afraid of him. They captured him but the bribe money is already on its way. Nothing will happen to him. If they wanted to eliminate drug trafficking, they would have done it by now. The capture of drug trafficker Chapo Guzman is important. The world is now free from an evil that affects mankind. Your comment on Buenos Aires is very good. I like the OVA thing. The authorities are doing a good job fighting drug trafficking. Congratulations. THIS PERSON, BESIDES BEING A DRUG TRAFFICKER, IS ALSO AN ASSASSIN AND MAYBE HAS COMMITTED MANY MORE CRIMES. THEREFORE, HIS CAPTURE IS FULLY JUSTIFIED AND HE WILL HAVE TO FACE THE TRIAL THAT HE DESERVES WITH ALL THE LEGAL GUARANTEES IN HIS FAVOR. A really good report. I like reading news like this one. The capture is interesting, but this problem is still the same or worse, just like cancer… Very interesting information. I don’t know him nor am I from his country. But the world needs people like EL CHAPO, he feeds many and people should be thankful to this man. The only thing that pains the U.S. is that they’ll take the money to another country, because they are the biggest consumer, who needs it the most. HOORAY FOR EL CHAPO, GO LOS CAPITOS. I am Colombian. It’s a tough blow on drug trafficking worldwide, since this guy had alliances with many criminal cartels around the world. Congratulations to the Mexican armed forces and I beg them to continue this great work of capturing all these plagues that hurt our youth so much. This is a very good thing, congratulations to the Mexican government for their work. Too bad that when they stop one, there are already 5 more lined up to take his place. But it’s good. Congratulations to my brothers in the Mexican armed forces and also to the Mexican police. Excellent comment. Congratulations from Guayaquil, Ecuador. Congratulations, Mexico, a lot of blood has been shed by your people. We are all to blame. Your border is gold for the drug traffickers of the world. The U.S. is the biggest consumer. The politicians and authorities of the world love easy money but they can control firearms to prevent the bloodshed of so many people who are misled for not realizing how beautiful life is. This is a very good thing, may they keep fighting drug traffickers…Let them rot…. The document is good. IT’S INTERESTING THAT AFTER JUSTICE WAS MOCKED BY THIS MAN, JUSTICE PROVED THAT CRIME DOES NOT RULE, AND WILL NEVER GO UNPUNISHED. These hits are excellent … the problem is the corruption among the big leaders of the ffmm and the politicians. All bad things end someday, but we must never forget these bad attitudes deep within our conscience. Reading this comment is truly baffling. What can we expect from such crazy, illiterate and insensitive heads like yours? Have you stopped to measure your words? If not, I can’t think anything else but that humanity is on the verge of collapsing. yes, very good How true is it? Why don’t you seize their illegal assets, their children keep bragging about his power, crimes and fortune. It all seems a farce. Extradite him to the U. S. It sucks that the Mexican police captured El Chapo, as if there are any saints in this world. Tell me, who is a saint? capturing that individual is very good THIS COMMENT IS VERY GOOD FOR ALL OF LATIN AMERICA.BUT THEY KEEP FINDING MORE AND MORE DRUGS, THIS WON’T BE OVER SOON.ONLY THE DEATH OF THESE DRUG TRAFFICKERS COULD HELP SAVING THE WORLD FROM DRUGS. Finally, it was about time. There are a thousand more chapos behind him, the problem is deeper than that and it will never end. The authorities need to pay more attention to the new generations. They did good by capturing him. It’s good that they caught him, but keep looking for the other cartels. Why do you talk about narc guerrillas instead of talking, investigating, chasing after and putting behind bars that group of politicians that rule the country of Colombia, mainly since they are in a political conflict because of the presidential elections. Talk about current things, about Mr. Alvaro Uribe Velez, who is the president of Colombia. When he was the Director of the Civil Air Force, he would lend planes to Pablo Escobar to transfer coke, he created the Convivir organizations, then called on the paramilitary, and afterwards the self-defense forces who are now known as Bacrin, without leaving behind the program Agro Ingreso Seguro; Colonel Santollo, who would instruct the paramilitary and the chief of bodyguards of Uribe Velez, the false positives among others, and now this Ivan Zuluaga who wants to be president when he used to be the Ministry of Treasury and requested the congress to withdraw the Victim Repair Act because it wasn’t necessary. GOOD JOB, MEXICO, BUT WHAT ABOUT THOSE THAT FOLLOW HIM IN HIS GROUP???? CHILDREN, PARTNERS, AND EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY, THEIR DRUG LABS?? GOOD LUCK WITH THE EVIL THAT IS KILLING CHILDREN AND DESTROYING AND CONTAMINATING THE YOUTH WITH VANDALISM ACTIVITIES. I think the Mexican police has rattled the wasps. There will be a strong reaction from drug trafficking with attacks, kidnappings, assassinations, and who knows what other barbarities. Without a leader, they are more dangerous than with a chief on the loose. The actions that accompany this detention must be quick and well planned in order to prevent bigger mishaps. It’s interesting. Because of this capture, maybe some of the many children won’t do drugs, and some won’t be influenced. This evil is spreading very fast and it’s alarming to know that it’s not easy to eliminate it. The negative attitude that a child must have towards drugs will depend on the advice, care or vigilance from each father or mother of the family, who, by making a great effort in spite of the many counteracting factors such as the socioeconomic one, will prevent yet another person from falling prey to drugs. With + STRENGTH It’s a big blow for drug trafficking, but there’s plenty of copycats. We wish there were many more accomplishments of this kind, although capturing this type of harmful people for society does not end this evil, instead we should implement new education policies for our children in all of Latin America. I’m very happy that they captured him. I hope they catch all the others in Colombia as well as the ones vacationing in Cuba. By capturing this drug trafficker, young people won’t be influenced by drugs and it will reduce the proliferation of this worldly evil while showing the improved actions of the police, who is being more efficient. So we strongly support the police and we support all the forces that are fighting drug trafficking. We believe in performing good actions, so that the new generation rejects and disavows the actions of drug traffickers, actions that raise awareness on the harm caused by this type of people. Besides bankrupting the drug lords, the Mexican police needs to become interested in bankrupting the drug lords who are infiltrated in the different governments of the different countries. It’s very important to find a solution and put an end once and for all to drug trafficking in the world. EL CHAPO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MANY MORE DEATHS. COCAINE KILLS AND DESTROYS HOMES. I’M HAPPY FOR THE WELL-BEING OF THOSE WHO ARE MOVING FORWARD IN THE WORLD, I HOPE THE SAME HAPPENS HERE IN PARAGUAY. The issue is that those who call themselves leaders have destroyed the system of Spanish-speaking countries. It’s plain embarrassing, they’ve only served to destroy our nations. I don’t know if it’s that our political system has only left corrupt military systems. They all do as they please, they are worthless and only serve to suck up and get us in debt. Very good article on the capture of the year. We hope for continuity of El Deber regarding this sensitive issue, or on other drug traffickers and their international nets. It’s an opportunity to know what is happening in the world. Very good El Chapo is the most important man in the world, more so than Pablo Escobar. But in Nicaragua, many of the government officials felt sad because of the risk of being exposed. Since the days of Pablo Escobar (in the 80’s), the Sandinistas have had strong links with the Varones de la droga, and that’s where the wealth of many officials comes from, not just from Nicaragua but from many countries and bankers who launder dirty drug money. One more battle that is won. What hurts most is that during those operations we lose many people, more valuable than those criminals. How lucky that they captured that criminal! Why doesn’t the U.S. government control its border with Mexico better, and stop invading other countries to steal their oil, and start fighting the addicts of its country. Capturing el Chapo is a very good thing, but don’t forget that there is Another One behind him, who is probably ready to continue with his wrongdoings. We must use Intelligence and prevent this from happening. We need a MOSSAD, for this not to happen, thank you. This whole drug trafficking thing is easy. The U.S. can, but doesn’t want to. The millions of dollars that leave the U.S., DO NOT RETURN, so they need to handle the issue. The DEA and the CIA act as partners to control the supply and the demand as well as ensure that the dollars return to the U.S. I hope China grabs the bull by the horns. The U.S. would think twice, because it’s not in their best interest to get involved in that matter. The OPM is cynical to declare the capture of El Chapo a success,. He had already captured him some years ago, and released him in exchange for a large amount of money. He is trying to extend his mandate for two more years, and keep doing what he wants, both he and his partner. This kind of human beings only harm society in a terrible way, they especially harm young people, who are the future of humanity. They shouldn’t be mixed with the honorable and responsible citizens, but be separated from the wider society. What goes up must come down, like the saying goes. That’s why the power of these criminals HAD A BEGINNING AND HAS TO HAVE AN END, even though it requires the commitment of the administrations of the states infected by that plague. This capture is very important, and in my opinion, he has to pay with more than prison for the death of thousands of people. Good information for the people. I like this article. Diego Caceres Rojas de Caaguazu It seems like they thought they were doing a good job, but it looks like they were wrong. It’s a good thing that they captured that drug trafficker. I think El Chapo made a deal with the Mexican justice to get protection. Don’t be fools. The information is very good as long as it’s reliable. In my country Honduras, drug traffickers are common. Currently they are even in politics and in the congress as legislators of the people and I think even in the executive power as President of the Republic, and the worst part is that no one says anything. It’s so good that they captured him. Drug trafficking will continue, when they take down one head, two more will grow, and if they cut two, four more will come out; the road will continue like this, because as long as there is corruption, there will be drug trafficking. Regards, a corrupt person. Many believe that the government is doing a good job but they are wrong. As long as there are capos, drugs will continue to circulate. Also, the police is corrupt. If you want to live in peace, let the drug traffickers do their job. Let’s keep working hard to change…there’s no other way. ALTHOUGH IT’S TRUE THAT THE CAPTURE OF DRUG TRAFFICKERS IS IMPORTANT, THE UNDERLYING PROBLEM IS THE CONSUMPTION OF DRUGS WITHIN THE USA, AND THE GOVERNMENT DOESN’T DO ANYTHING OR HASN’T BEEN ABLE TO RAISE AWARENESS AMONG ITS PEOPLE AND DECREASE THE DEMAND. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE AN EXPERT TO UNDERSTAND THAT IF THERE’S NO DEMAND, THEN THERE’S NO SALE. IT’S THAT SIMPLE. There’s always someone who wants the job. How many years will pass before they capture the next one? This will never end. I hope you understand that after capturing a BIG ONE like EL CHAPO, the next ones in command start to fight for the supremacy and respect of the others, and many crimes are committed among them while finding a leader. You’re such hypocrites! In 13 years? It’s pretty clear that the government helped, don’t be fooled by those compliments. El Chapo Guzman does and undoes along with all the country leaders. Who’s more of a liar and mobster than Peña Nieto? A comment from Venezuela where the people are realistic and everyone knows how things roll. The information is very explicit with little text. Capturing El Chapo was a good thing but there are many drug traffickers. This will go on all over the world. The thing with El Chapo will never end. They can keep him in jail for a thousand years and he will always be the same, only he knows who it is. Why hoard so much money, if when you die, it all remains. Security successes in Guatemala In recent years, Guatemalan security forces have scored a number of successes against the Sinaloa Cartel faction, including the May 2013 arrest of Samuel Escobar, a key alleged operative for El Chapo in the department of San Marcos. El Chapo himself has long been associated with Guatemala. In 1993, El Chapo fled Mexican security forces and tried to hide in Guatemala. The Guatemalan Army captured El Chapo near Tapachula, close to the Guatemala–Mexico border. President Perez Molina, who at the time was an Army intelligence officer, participated in the pursuit and capture of the drug lord. El Chapo was quickly extradited from Guatemala to Mexico, where he was sentenced to 20 years in prison. However, in 2001 he escaped from prison while hidden in a laundry cart. Since then there have been periodic reports that he was hiding in Guatemala. In February 2013 there were reports that El Chapo had been killed in a gun battle with Guatemalan security forces near the Mexican border, but the reports turned out to erroneous. Praise from Colombia and Costa Rica center_img A dramatic capture with important ramifications By Dialogo February 25, 2014 Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos also expressed satisfaction with the capture of the fugitive drug lord. “I just spoke (by telephone) with the president of Mexico, (Enrique) Peña Nieto. I congratulated him on the great blow to drug trafficking represented by the capture of Chapo Guzman”, the Colombian president wrote in his Twitter account. Colombia Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzón joined in the congratulatory messages to Mexican authorities. “This kind of capture generates satisfaction internationally,” Pinzon said at a Feb. 22, 2014 press conference. “Anyone who succeeds in the effort to affect the curse of drug trafficking, in one way or another is contributing not only to the interests of the fight against crime, but to the interests of the Colombian people who end up being affected by the marketing of narcotics.” Pinzón noted that Colombia and Mexico have long been cooperating in sharing information about the Sinaloa Cartel and other transnational criminal organizations. “The truth is that the effort of the Colombian authorities has also been focused on sharing all our experience, knowledge and intelligence. But it also should be said that this is an operation of the Mexican authorities that deserves our congratulations and appreciation to them,” Pinzon said. “The truth is that the effort of the Colombian authorities has also been focused on sharing all our experience, knowledge and intelligence. But it also should be said that this is an operation of the Mexican authorities that deserves our congratulations and appreciation to them,” Pinzon said. El Chapo and the Sinaloa Cartel have long maintained ties with Colombia drug trafficking organizations who produce most of the cocaine that the Mexican cartel smuggles into the United States, Europe and other areas. El Chapo and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), a guerilla group which also controls at least half of all cocaine production in Colombia, have strengthened their ties in recent months, according to published reports. El Chapo had become the primary customer and financier for the FARC’s cocaine operations. The president of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, also praised Mexican authorities for the capture of El Chapo. “Congratulations to Mexico authorities for the arrest of the most wanted man in the center of violence and corruption that is drug trafficking,” Chinchilla said via her Twitter account. Costa Rica has increasingly served as a drug smuggling corridor for the Sinaloa Cartel, the Knights Templar and other Mexican transnational criminal organizations. In 2013, Costa Rican security forces seized 18 tons of drugs, double the amount – 8.9 tons – seized in 2011, according to press reports. The Costa Rican government has increased the number of Coast Guard vessels from 30 to 70 and increased the number of maritime bases along the coast. It has also expanded its use of radar to detect drug flights, officials said. last_img read more

LA Clippers hold off New York Knicks for 101-94 victory

first_img“It’s funny, I think offensively he was surprised how different the offense is than the way it was run in Boston. And so I thought he struggled with that early on.”Rivers coached Green at Boston for parts of two seasons. Green was shooting 47 percent overall for the Clippers, 41.3 percent (12 of 29) before Friday.As for his defense, it’s obvious that Green gets lost at times.“Defensively is where I probably want him to pick it up more,” Rivers said. “Like he had a great offensive night against Oklahoma, but our team was horrendous defensively. Not just Jeff, the whole team. Coaching staff, everybody.”After Friday’s victory, Rivers doled out kudos to Green for his defense while playing a whopping 45 minutes. “Tonight I thought he fought and he had to play just a high volume of minutes,” Rivers said. “I thought he was in the right place tonight, which for me, was the most important part.”Green intimated that his defense is all about getting used to what the Clippers do, and hard work.“There are certain calls that Doc uses that are different from when I was in Memphis,” he said. “You know, just the lingo, remembering that and just remembering game to game, the changes, because they’re going to vary from game to game.“At the end of the day, I know Doc always says it’s all about effort, it’s all about competing and I’m going to go out there and give it my all.”Teammate Chris Paul shook his head when told how many minutes Green played.“It’s crazy,” Paul said. “At some point during the second quarter I told J.J. (Redick), I said, ‘Jeff ain’t been out, has he?’ It’s crazy, because you couldn’t tell.”The Clippers led the Knicks 61-50 at halftime. But New York was within two (76-74) entering the fourth quarter after trailing by as many as 15 points with 8:10 left in the third. The game was tied 84-84 with 6:22 left in the game. The game was still in the balance when Redick buried a 3-pointer 36.2 seconds to play for a 99-92 lead.Then DeAndre Jordan had two big blocks to seal the Knicks’ fate.mPaul scored 24 points on 9 of 17 shooting after he made his first seven shots. He also had 15 assists. Redick scored 20 and Wes Johnson, Jordan and Jamal Crawford each scored 10. Jordan grabbed 19 rebounds and blocked six shots.The Clippers (42-22) pulled within 1 1/2 games of third-place Oklahoma City in the Western Conference standings as the Thunder lost at home to the Minnesota Timberwolves, who, like the Knicks are not playoff-bound.“I think I have said this for 10 years, but people do not respect how hard it is to win a game in this league,” Rivers said, explaining why this win was tough to come get. “Just because a team has a bad record and you have everything to play for, they didn’t wake up in the morning and say, ‘Let’s lose.’”The Clippers shot 44.7 percent, 44.8 (13 of 29) from 3-point range. The Knicks (27-40) shot 41 percent, just 20 percent (4 of 20) from beyond the arc.New York (27-40) was led in scoring by 7-foot-3 rookie center Kristaps Porzingis, who had 23 points but just four rebounds in 31 minutes. Carmelo Anthony and Robin Lopez each scored 20 with Lopez grabbing 19 rebounds.The smaller Clippers did well to only get outrebounded by a 48-44 count. The Clippers were again with Blake Griffin (fracture hand) as well as Luc Mbah a Moute (lacerated eyelid) and Paul Pierce (sore toe). Clippers fans got their first look at Porzingis, who came in averaging 13.9 points and 7.3 rebounds. Rivers couldn’t heap enough praise on him before the game. “There are some good rookies,” Rivers said. “He’s one of them, for sure. He’s going to be great, I think. He has size, he can shoot the ball, he has great toughness. And I think that’s probably the area people miss the most.“They looked at his slight frame and probably thought a soft European player. And they didn’t get that. They got a tough European player. And he’s good and he’s just going to keep getting better. He gets tested every night and he’s going to be really good.”Porzingis had 12 of his points in the third quarter, when the Knicks were coming back.“I got myself going,” he said. “I found a rhythm and my teammates were trusting me.”Next up for the Clippers are the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday at 12:30 p.m. at Staples Center. Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorcenter_img Forward Jeff Green on Friday played in his 10th game with the Clippers after coming over from Memphis in a trade. If Green performs to his potential, he could play a big role in the upcoming playoffs, which begin in just more than a month.At times, he’s been terrific on offense. Other times, he’s been terrible. Defensively is where coach Doc Rivers believes he needs to improve the most.Rivers was asked to give a report on Green before his team took on and defeated the New York Knicks 101-94 before a sellout crowd of 19,175 at Staples Center.“Just up and down,” Rivers said of Green, who scored 23 points on 10-of-13 shooting in Wednesday’s loss at Oklahoma City; the game before that he shot 0 of 5 in a win at Dallas and in Friday’s victory he had 17 points on 6 of 11 from the field. “We would love him to be more consistent and he will be. I’m confident in that. It’s not like we eased him in. We grabbed him and threw him in.last_img read more