Louis James Senior Metals Investment Strategist

first_img Louis James Senior Metals Investment Strategist Casey Research P.S. Trying to keep up with the 21st Century, I’ve just created a Twitter account, which you can follow for more real-time observations on metals and mining, broader markets, and the world at large. I welcome you to look me up: L @duediligenceguy One Year Ago Silver Stocks (SIL) 11.40 13.86 14.77 Gold Junior Stocks (GDXJ) 36.34 41.80 45.65 Oil 91.65 92.86 105.86 One Month Ago Rock & Stock Stats Last Copper 3.14 3.09 3.35center_img Gold 1,215.64 1,295.90 1,369.50 Gold Producers (GDX) 22.66 26.69 27.36 TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) 15,265.35 15,477.17 12,926.78 Silver 17.83 19.41 23.24 Dear Reader, I’m still in San Antonio, Texas, at the Casey Summit as we wrap up this issue of Metals & Mining Monday. The show has been a lot of fun—especially meeting many good friends among our readers—but it has also been extremely valuable. For just one example, I found the hard, independent data presented by Leland Miller of the China Beige Book to be quite eye-opening. I’ve long distrusted official figures but didn’t know where to get data free of political bias. Now I know. What did he tell us? Well, the short version is that China’s growth slowed much faster last quarter than the official numbers say, and several metrics are flashing never-seen-before warning signs. Given China’s importance in the global economy—and to the metals markets—this is well worth thinking about. If you were unable to attend the Summit, you can still benefit from Leland Miller’s insights, as well as those of all our other speakers, by ordering your own copy of the audio recordings of the entire Summit. You can even get the recordings via instant download, so you don’t have to wait for CDs in the mail. You don’t get to ask your own questions and shake hands, of course, but the essential data are all there. Bagging this content at a fraction of the cost of flying to Texas and hearing the material live is a no-brainer investment, in my view. Speaking of investment data, Casey metals team researcher Laurynas Vegys has a review of insider and institutional action in our markets for us this week. What and how these important players are buying and selling may surprise you. The article is well worth the time it takes to read. Sincerely, TSX Venture 955.06 997.56 952.88last_img read more