Exploring all hues of Karnas emotions

first_imgBala Devi Chandrashekar is ready to enthrall the audience with her new dance recital ‘Brihadeeswara – form to formless’ through the eyes of a Devaradiyaal. Bala Devi Chandrashekar is a Bharatanatyam exponent, research scholar, and a passionately committed teacher, who is known for her distinct scholarly style. Through her classical dance, she strives to interpret ancient philosophical and spiritual concepts and presents it in a classicism that is always contemporary in interpretation and communicates across cultures. All her productions are accompanied by world-class music. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe event will be held at India International Center, New Delhi, on August 12, 2019, 6:30 pm. Brihadeeswara – form to formless is one of her acclaimed productions. This exquisite production takes the audience on a journey into the life and mind of a Devaradiyaal, who like the name means one who has to dedicate herself to the eternal service of the God, one who leads the purest of pure lives. This unique production celebrates the way her devout soul is immersed in the spiritual fervour pervading the spellbinding edifice built by Raja Raja Chola and the intertwining of the spatial and spiritual vibrations experienced by the Devaradiyaal, as she goes about her daily life in the hallowed premises of the architectural wonder that is the Brihadeeswara temple. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveDevaradiyaal will explore all hues of Karna’s emotions trapped in moral dilemmas, the angst and the conflict with which he grew up all his life. This unique production weaves the connection between the physical, metaphysical, lyrical and spiritual significance of each facet of the magnificent structure. The presentation begins with a lyrical description of the beauty of the Devaradiyaal -in ragam ataana – one whose meditative state appears statuesque. Her tresses like dark clouds, the sun and moon ornaments glistening on either side of her neatly parted hair, her forehead ornament glittering like Shiva’s third eye – from head to toe she radiates rhythm and beauty. She, who is blessed with the eternal boon to be of service to the Lord, remains a nithyasumangali – meaning one who is eternally married. Her esoteric connection to the Lord is more than even that of a devout ascetic.last_img read more