Microsoft job ad says new Xbox by March 2014

first_imgThe Xbox 360Best Price at Amazon is fast approaching its 7th birthday, which means that Microsoft has to be at least thinking about the console’s successor. There’s been plenty of rumors about the performance of the Xbox 720, that it doesn’t have a disc drive, and was going to be revealed at E3. Now Microsoft has confirmed the new machine will appear within the next 18 months.This “leak,” if you can call it that, comes via a job ad Microsoft posted on its careers website. It’s for a marketing position, and the first line of the ad is what we are most interested in. It clearly states that Microsoft will be releasing new versions of key products over the next 18 months. Included in that list is Xbox.18 months from now will be March 2014. If the job listing is correct, it means we can expect to see an Xbox 720 on store shelves by then. Microsoft released both the Xbox and Xbox 360 in November, so the safe bet is on the new hardware launching in November 2013.The job ad may be wrong, though. A new version of the Xbox could mean a number of things. For example, Microsoft may be planning on launching a smaller version of the Xbox 360, or somehow integrating Kinect further, requiring a new model launch.Saying that though, the time is right for new hardware. Wii U is appearing this year and is expected to at least match the Xbox 360 on performance. Microsoft will also want to beat Sony to market again and get a good head start on the PS4.So, an Xbox 720 launch in November next year. Is that too soon, not soon enough, or perfect timing?Read more at Microsoft Careers, via OXMlast_img read more