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first_imgMovietowne/UG solar farm – investor says Movietowne must be up and running firstMonths after a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed with the University of Guyana (UG) for Movietowne to build a solar farm, the company is confirming that the project is still on and will commence by this year end.This is according to Movietowne proprietor Derek Chin, who in an interview with Guyana Times, confirmed that the United States-based contractor would be in Guyana to start installation for the farm later this year.“There were some problems in terms of the actual area of land, whether it could have been made possible and that took a little while. Basically, in terms of prioritising, wanted to get our Movietowne project up and running first,” Chin related.“There is a company that is doing the second phase, which is the solar part and I don’t think that the final part with the university land is up and available yet. It’s still being negotiated, so it’s not a done deal. As soon as we are finished with our project when it opens some time this year, we would be putting in our solar which will be in the compound itself.”With the solar farm expected to supply energy to the company as well as the campus, Chin maintained that they need the alternative power. The businessman related that they currently had two three-megawatt generators.“Whatever arrangements we finalise with the University, we would continue. So it was just a matter of priority, it is not a dead deal by any stretch of the imagination. We obviously need to get some form of alternative power.”“It’s not like we just scrapped it. We couldn’t wait on UG to say, ‘yes, you have 10 acres or five acres’ of their land. We already worked with this company Sunscreen and they are going to be coming in by the end of the year and putting in the solar panels.”In April of last year, the MoU was signed by Chin and UG’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Ivelaw Griffith. It would not only allow for alternative energy, but also the construction of a new housing complex for students.At the time, it was explained by Chin that they would install solar panels that could provide enough energy to power the entire Turkeyen Campus and his Movietowne complex. At the time of the signing, however, factors like location, cost, and power capacity were too early to pronounce on.However, technical teams from Trinidad were reported to be scheduled for visits to Guyana for a fact-based assessment of the farm. With regard to the complex for the students, which would have 150 rooms, construction was supposed to start last year.The Movietowne project itself has been facing setbacks. During a recent tour, Chin had spoken out about challenges facing the Turkeyen construction project. Chin had noted that these challenges were costing the company, but that interactions with the Government have dwindled.“We have met with Government and I don’t seem to meet with them anymore… to say that Mr Chin ‘how is your investment going? What can we do to help?’ So that communication link with the Government is very important… the Private Sector is the driver. The Government cannot outrun the Private Sector, because it is the Private Sector. It has its own money, but the Private Sector needs to be given that encouragement,” Chin had said.Additionally, the businessman had said Government should be more involved in discussion with the Private Sector and work hand in hand with them, since they are the ones who are the drivers of the economy.last_img read more