Bordalás: “Zidane’s leadership is outstanding”

first_img-Bordalás only needs a big win. Is there a thorn left?-I care to add points and meet the objectives. If you win a big and then you don’t meet, nobody will remember. It is not a thorn, it is very difficult to win these teams. This year Mallorca beat them and is in a delicate situation. There are surprises, but it is difficult.-What was missing in previous games?-Contra teams of this size you have to make a perfect match because mistakes are paid dearly. We have made good matches that were decided by details. Even if you are playing well, they have players so good that in any action they can hit you.-Is it easier or harder to prepare a match against Real Madrid?-They have more records and you can neutralize a player very well, but if you neglect others, anyone can surprise you.– Can you overcome what was done in 2019?-It will be very difficult, but I am one of those who do not set limits. I am very demanding and rigorous. Last year is history and we will try to complete a great season. There are many teams with more possibilities than us and our mentality is very ambitious. We have excited a great hobby.-What role will that hobby have on Saturday?-It is a day to enjoy. Getafe has earned everyone’s respect with the numbers we have made in the last two seasons. The teams play against Getafe with caution and the role of our fans is essential. The team has won the admiration with their behavior.-The numbers of this European Getafe are only available to the big ones.-It’s not easy. Getafe level teams have paid the effort to play three competitions. Last year it happened to Villarreal with a template made for it. We are handling it well with a barbaric illusion and mentality. What we are doing has great merit. It is good news for national football and for Madrid.-Let’s go back to Madrid. Do you see him ready to snatch LaLiga from Barça?-I see you at an even level. At Camp Nou, Real Madrid deserved the victory. He is always a candidate to win the title. It does not surprise me and I would not dare to give a favorite.-The market opened. A middle and center or something else?-I always tell the president that we should try to improve the level of the workforce. If we want to continue growing we cannot stand still. If there is a possibility for players to improve and make us more competitive, go ahead. That will make us bigger as we have seen examples.-What do they seek?-The team needs help in some position. In the middle and also in band. Something different that gives us speed and verticality. We are seeing alternatives of some versatile player to help us. We are in three competitions and if you do not do well you can take a toll. -Play who plays are top-level players. The one that adapts to the responsibility and the requirement of Real Madrid pays it and ends up leaving. Not only have to have qualities, but compete with a very high level of demand that only the big ones have.– Do you change your plan to play with two strikers or ends?-We have the references of the last weeks. They can always surprise you. They come using a 4-3-3 that in defense becomes 4-1-4-1. The players you use for this particular game may vary.-You will not change and will continue with your strikers.-The trainers try to get the most out of the template we have. We found this drawing and the team is very comfortable.– Does any Madrid player especially bother you?-They are all magnificent. Benzema has shown them for many seasons despite the doubts it generated at some point. You can not be so many years at Real Madrid if your performance is not outstanding. He appears and has a lot of mobility, is able to do everything right in attack. Bale is another critic who has tremendous potential and strength. Hit, overflow, head … And so most of his players. -Start 2020. How did you find the team?-We have had more vacations than any team because they won it. They were responsible and only one came a little out of weight. They know they have a great responsibility and we are prepared. For a match as beautiful as playing against Real Madrid, one of the biggest teams in the world.-How do you see this Real Madrid?-It has changed for the better, with many records and it has improved markedly in its intensity level. Fede Valverde appeared who has brought them work, physicality and verticality and others are reaching their best level. They are candidates for everything as always.center_img -What role has Zidane played in this resurrection?-I think he is an outstanding leader. He knows how to handle a locker room like Real Madrid, he has won what almost nobody and for me is a reference. Real Madrid has been really good.– Would Zidane be different here and Bordalás in the Bernabeu? -I’m a coach of Getafe and that’s what I think. We each have our personality and the way we interpret football. I have respect and admiration for Zidane.-What Real Madrid expects?last_img read more