Economist on effects of coronavirus: Comes like a freight train, but expect it to go away quickly

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr The traditional definition of a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth but the worldwide shock of the Coronavirus has forced that model to stand on its head.According to economist Elliot Eisenberg, president of Graphs and Laughs, LLC, and wildly popular presenter at CU Direct’s annual conference over the last few years, the shelter in place edicts issued by many government bodies have plunged the U.S. economy directly into a recession.“Household consumption has fallen off a cliff, he said during a recent webinar presented by Origence (a CU Direct brand). A hurricane stops all production and consumption, but it only lasts a few days. This goes on and on for weeks.”Reason for OptimismWith that said, Dr. Eisenberg pointed to two pieces of relatively good news. First, based on the experience of China and South Korea two countries that were hit hard in the early days of the outbreak, Coronavirus seems to take about 40 days to run its course. continue reading »last_img read more

Romelu Lukaku’s Inter Milan debut delayed due to overweight return to United preseason

first_imgAdvertisement hq8ffNBA Finals | Brooklyn Vs93zWingsuit rodeo📽Sindre E102( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) 38oz87Would you ever consider trying this?😱3ymCan your students do this? 🌚jxshRoller skating! Powered by Firework Romelu Lukaku’s recent transfer from Manchester United to Inter Milan of roughly 80mil shook the transfer window recently but Inter Milan have got more than they bought – Romelu Lukaku and the additional weight the Belgian has put on in preseason.Advertisement Media sources report the former Chelsea, West Brom and Everton forward rocked up at the San Siro from Old Trafford weighing 104kg.Advertisement Conte and his staff instructed the powerhouse to get himself down to the 100kg mark before the start of the season.United legend Gary Neville recently tweeted: “He admitted he was overweight ! He is over 100kg! He’s a Manchester United player!Advertisement “He will score goals and do well at Inter Milan but unprofessionalism is contagious.”Lukaku has been the talisman for United and Belgium in recent years and will hope to continue his prolific form for Juventus. Advertisementlast_img read more

31st Nelson Cyswog ‘N’ Fun Triathlon results

first_img31st Annual Nelson Cyswog ‘N’ FunNelson, BCOlympic Distance Individual Results(1.5 Km Swim – 39 Km Bike – 10 Km Run)1     2:03:43 Eddie SMITH             Penticton      1/6   Men 30-392     2:04:18 Gary WADE               Kelowna        1/14  Men 40-493     2:07:25 Chad REID               Kelowna        2/6   Men 30-394     2:08:09 Todd MARTIN             Kelowna        3/6   Men 30-395 DQ  2:09:44 Helen MUNRO             Kelowna        1/86     2:10:40 Kyle MOORE              Calgary        1/8   Men 20-297     2:11:23 James YOUNG             Kelowna        2/14  Men 40-498     2:14:21 Sarah MACARTHUR         Calgary        1/5   Women 20-299 DQ  2:16:19 Stephanie HALL          London         1/6   Women 30-3910     2:17:22 Ron SHERMAN             Nelson         3/14  Men 40-4911     2:17:39 Kelly GEISHEIMER        Rossland       2/6   Women 30-3912     2:18:03 Greg WELWOOD            Burnaby        4/14  Men 40-4913     2:19:59 Mike KONKIN             Trail          5/14  Men 40-4914     2:20:51 Mark WOOD               Edmonton       1/13  Men 50-5915     2:22:27 Kim B HEINZE            Calgary        2/13  Men 50-5916     2:22:56 Jaime FREDERICK         Nelson         6/14  Men 40-4917     2:23:11 Travis KELLN            Swift Curren   7/14  Men 40-4918     2:24:53 Christopher SWIFT       Castlegar      2/8   Men 20-2919     2:25:43 Michael OGLOFF          Salmon Arm     3/8   Men 20-2920     2:28:16 Matthew JACKSON         Penticton      3/13  Men 50-5921     2:28:48 Jackson GIROUX          Nelson         4/6   Men 30-3922     2:28:58 Claire YOUNG            Kelowna        3/6   Women 30-3923     2:30:26 Curtis SCHREIBER        Kelowna        4/13  Men 50-5924     2:32:28 Danita SCHREIBER        Kelowna        2/8   Women 50-5925     2:35:45 Josh LEHMAN             Edmonton       4/8   Men 20-2926     2:36:34 Rachel OLDRING          Calgary        4/6   Women 30-3927     2:37:08 Chris CHARBONNEAU       Kelowna        1/7   Men 60-6928     2:38:14 Andrew KYLE             Calgary        5/13  Men 50-5929     2:39:04 Scott DRESSLER          Fernie         8/14  Men 40-4930     2:40:49 Mark FROMBERG           Kelowna        6/13  Men 50-5931     2:41:05 Sharisse KYLE           Nelson         3/8   Women 50-5932     2:42:52 Malcolm SARGENT         Kimberley      7/13  Men 50-33     2:43:09 Stephen HARRIS          Nelson         9/14  Men 40-4934     2:44:12 Stephane GRONDIN        Surrey        10/14  Men 40-4935     2:44:48 Tavis HORKOFF           Nelson         5/6   Men 30-3936     2:45:04 Lyle CRISPIN            Rossland      11/14  Men 40-4937     2:45:09 Robbi LEBLANC           Nelson         6/6   Men 30-3938     2:45:18 Catherine LUNDSTROM     Nelson       4/8   Women 50-5939     2:49:10 Kim IRVING              Nelson         5/8   Women 50-5940     2:49:19 Luke LEHMAN             Edmonton       5/8   Men 20-41     2:50:10 Con DIAMOND             Nelson         2/7   Men 60-6942     2:50:23 Lauren KOCH             Salmon Arm     5/6   Women 30-3943     2:50:33 Amanda BAXTER           Vancouver      2/5   Women 20-2944     2:52:19 Melanie MOBBS           Salmo          1/5   Women 40-4945     2:54:22 Curtis SHERSTOBITOFF    Castlegar     12/14  Men 40-4946     2:55:41 Milo FINK               Regina         3/7   Men 60-6947     2:55:50 Nancy JOHNSON           Calgary        2/5   Women 40-4948     2:56:09 Peter WARD              Nelson         8/13  Men 50-5949     2:56:51 Marie WREDE             Nakusp         6/8   Women 50-5950     2:57:51 Sabrina YULE            Castlegar      3/5   Women 20-51     2:58:03 Beth DIBELLA            Edmonton       4/5   Women 20-2952     2:58:17 Devin CORRIGALL         Victoria       6/8   Men 20-2953     2:58:17 Kelsey LAW              Castlegar      1/1   Women 18-1954     2:58:40 Alyson JENKINS          Calgary        6/6   Women 30-3955     2:58:59 Ashley GIBBENHUCK   Castlegar      5/5   Women 20-2956     2:59:37 Mal FINCH               Vancouver      4/7   Men 60-6957     3:00:09 Jim WERNHAM             Winnipeg       9/13  Men 50-5958     3:03:09 Wendy HENLY             Kelowna        7/8   Women 50-5959     3:06:28 Peter LEE               Nelson        10/13  Men 50-5960     3:06:28 Jon PIDERMAN            Nelson         7/8   Men 20-2961     3:07:54 Mel HUNT                Kelowna        5/7   Men 60-6962     3:09:12 Sem KELPIN              Salmo         13/14  Men 40-4963     3:10:50 Linda JOHANNSON         Nelson         3/5   Women 40-4964     3:11:11 Trevor YONKMAN          Castlegar      8/8   Men 20-65     3:11:51 Geoff YULE              Castlegar     11/13  Men 50-5966     3:12:40 Valerie MCTAVISH        Kelowna        4/5   Women 40-4967     3:16:32 Mike COCHLIN            Calgary       14/14  Men 40-4968     3:16:43 Christine PARADIS       Whitehorse     8/8   Women 50-5969     3:19:56 Dwain BOYER             Nelson         6/7   Men 60-6970     3:28:06 Graham JAMIN            Nelson        12/13  Men 50-5971     3:31:35 Al SMITH                Osoyoos        7/7   Men 60-6972     3:31:37 Roger FONTAINE          Nelson        13/13  Men 50-5973 DNF         Dana JACOBSEN           Denver         5/5   Women 40-49Olympic Distance Team Results 2     2:14:24 Goggles Gear And Gatorade          3/8   Open Team         Swim:  Hannah DEVRIES  — Nelson                  3   27:21Bike:  John DEVRIES  — Nelson                            3 1:05:18Run:  Anthony MALEY  — Nelson                          3   41:45 8     1:38:07 Etoiles                                   6/9   Open Team        Swim:  Pierre MAGNAN  — Nelson              6   11:06Bike:  Pierre SABOURIN  — Nelson             8   47:44Run:  Caroline MAGNAN  — Nelson           10   39:18 6    3:03:19 Isaidrunnotfun                            7/8   Open Team           Swim:  Robin HALL  — Fruitvale             6   30:24Bike:  Richard LOFTHOUSE  — Fruitvale     4 1:13:53Run:  Douglas HALL  — Fruitvale           8 1:19:03 4     2:38:20 Bickhicklin                               5/8   Open Team           Swim:  Larry BICKERTON  — Nelson           7   33:54Bike:  Mary ASSELIN  — Nelson        6 1:18:38Run:  Dennis HICKSON  — Nelson       4   45:50 9     1:39:05 Little Lost Longhorns                     7/9   Open Team       Swim:  Kelly CRAWFORD  — Dallas             8   12:50Bike:  Robert CRAWFORD  — Dallas                2   44:53Run:  Kelly CRAWFORD  — Dallas                11   41:22 3     1:21:01 Team Oahu                                 1/2   Team Under 16     Swim:  Mary Sage COWAN  — Nelson      2    9:26Bike:  Charlie STEWART  — Hong Kong     7   46:57Run:  Nicolas STEWART  — Hong Kong      4   24:39 5     2:51:44 Beauties And The Beast       6/8   Open Team          Swim:  Meg WHYTE  — Balfour         4   27:50Bike:  Chris TALBOT  — Castlegar            7 1:21:00Run:  Vicky ISSOTT  — Nelson        7 1:02:55 Sprint Distance Team Results(0.5 Km Swim – 22 Km Bike – 5 Km Run)1     1:03:43 Greater Trail Swim Club                   1/9   Open Team       Swim:  Eden KORMENDY  — Fruitvale             1    7:55Bike:  Adrian HAMILTON  — Rossland              1   35:12Run:  Jackson KONKIN  — Trail                 1   20:37 21     1:25:05 Shane PEARSALL          Calgary        2/8   Men 50-22     1:25:24 Allison SCHLOSSER       Nelson         2/11  Women 18-2923     1:25:36 James STEWART           Hong Kong      2/7   Men 60+24     1:25:38 David KONKIN            North Vancou   5/8   Men 30-3925     1:25:55 Tom MURRAY              Nelson         4/12  Men 40-4926     1:26:00 Kelly WATERFIELD        Nakusp         1/12  Women 50-5927     1:26:28 Dylan FOSTER-VIRTUE     Robson         3/6   Men 18-2928     1:26:39 Nicola EVERTON          Nelson         4/13  Women 40-4929     1:26:46 Otis LIPPITT            Three Hills    4/6   Men 18-2930     1:27:06 Justin LIVINGSTONE      Rossland       5/6   Men 18-2931     1:27:19 Brian VANOENE           Kelowna        3/8   Men 50-5932     1:27:28 Sandra DORGELO          Christina La   5/13  Women 40-4933     1:27:33 Jim LOGGIE              Calgary        3/7   Men 60+34     1:27:35 Kristin BOND            Vancouver      7/16  Women 30-3935    1:27:51 Lynal DOERKSEN          Wycliffe       5/12  Men 40-4936     1:28:19 Amber GENERO            Prince Georg   8/16  Women 30-3937     1:29:46 Amanda ROBB             Three Hills    3/11  Women 18-2938     1:29:58 Wendy ANDERSON          Bonnington     6/13  Women 40-4938    1:30:17 Robert BAIRD            Lethbridge     6/8   Men 30-3940     1:30:48 Kevin MCGUIRE           Nelson         6/12  Men 40-4941     1:31:10 Peter POLLHAMMER        Kelowna        4/7   Men 60+42     1:31:45 Andrea BLAIR            Trail          4/11  Women 18-2943     1:32:13 Danielle DAROUX         Rossland       7/13  Women 40-4944     1:32:24 Dylan DEVRIES           Nelson         1/1   Men 16-1745     1:32:30 Hugo ACOSTA-RAMIREZ     Calgary        6/6   Men 18-2946     1:33:32 Bernardino CARPIO       Nelson         7/12  Men 40-4947     1:34:04 Paul MCCREEDY           Calgary        4/8   Men 50-5948     1:34:18 Jodie STEVENS           Kelowna        5/11  Women 18-2949     1:34:25 Gary THOMPSON           Bonnington     8/12  Men 40-4950     1:34:35 Lindsay JENNINGS        Nelson         6/11  Women 18-2951     1:35:00 Stacy James FRY         Calgary        9/12  Men 40-4952     1:35:04 Blaine MCFADDEN         Kimberley      7/8   Men 30-3953     1:35:38 Alissa BRYDEN           Rossland       9/16  Women 30-3954     1:35:43 Pete SCHRODER           Fruitvale     10/12  Men 40-4955     1:35:50 Tim WOHLBERG            Kelowna       11/12  Men 40-4956     1:36:55 Katie SHARPE            Edmonton       7/11  Women 18-2957     1:37:03 Tammy KING              Castlegar     10/16  Women 30-3958     1:37:07 Victor COMMANDEUR       Nelson         5/8   Men 50-5959     1:38:43 Jessica LAROCQUE        Nelson        11/16  Women 30-3960     1:38:55 Brent IRVING            Nelson         6/8   Men 50-5961     1:39:01 Kendra PERRY            Nelson         8/11  Women 18-2962     1:39:22 Cheryl MUELLER          Nelson         2/12  Women 50-5963     1:40:16 Blaire SMITH            Nelson         9/11  Women 18-2964     1:40:42 Mark SCHMUTZ            Fruitvale      7/8   Men 50-5965     1:41:19 Irene BRINKMAN          Meadow Creek   3/12  Women 50-5966     1:41:32 Sheri ALLARIE           Nelson        12/16  Women 30-3967     1:43:43 Miriam SKELTON          Three Hills    4/12  Women 50-5968     1:44:44 Alison ROSE             Kelowna       13/16  Women 30-3969     1:45:15 Sarah MCAULEY           Trail         14/16  Women 30-3970    1:46:20 Doug MATTHEWS           Nelson         5/7   Men 60+71     1:47:21 Allison BUTLER          Vancouver      8/13  Women 40-4972     1:47:41 Emily GANONG            Calgary       10/11  Women 18-2973     1:49:40 Brent HOLOWAYCHUK       Nelson         8/8   Men 30-3974     1:51:49 Samantha VAN SCHIE      Nelson        11/11  Women 18-2975     1:52:13 Preet BAINS             Nelson        12/12  Men 40-4976     1:52:16 Wendy BRYDEN            Rossland       5/12  Women 50-5977     1:52:56 Deborah BIRD            Nelson         6/12  Women 50-5978     1:53:54 Dale FROMBERG           Kelowna        7/12  Women 50-5979     1:54:22 Peter MOLL              Castlegar      6/7   Men 60+80     1:55:56 Alan HYSSOP             Tagish         8/8   Men 50-5981     1:56:30 Yvonne PHILLIPS         Red Deer      15/16  Women 30-3982     1:56:56 Rachel WARKENTIN        Lethbridge    16/16  Women 30-3983     2:02:35 Karen HACKETT           Vancouver      8/12  Women 50-5984     2:08:48 Laurilee COMMANDEUR     Nelson         9/12  Women 50-5985     2:12:02 Heather CHOPKO BUTLER   North Van   9/13  Women 40-4986     2:12:02 Lisa RILEY              Vancouver     10/13  Women 40-4987     2:16:56 Sylvia MARION           Calgary       11/13  Women 40-4988     2:16:56 Lisa RAPLEY             Calgary       12/13  Women 40-4989     2:17:16 Lorelei OLSEN           Nelson        13/13  Women 40-4990     2:20:04 Michael PRATT           Nelson         7/7   Men 60+91     2:25:34 Barb WILLIAMS           Nelson        10/12  Women 50-5992     2:26:30 Hazel MILLER            Nelson         1/1   Women 60+93     2:29:02 Monique JAMIN           Calgary       11/12  Women 50-5994     2:29:02 Judy MOORE              Cochrane      12/12  Women 50-59DQ  1:06:02 Connor BREITKREUZ       Robson         1/6   Men 18-29 7    3:03:55 Twinbays Babes                            8/8   Open Team           Swim:  Kathryn SOMMERFELD  — Boswell                   8   40:07Bike:  Tara KEIRN  — Nelson                         8 1:22:24Run:  Candis KEIRN  — Delta                     6 1:01:25 1     2:06:28 Hodge Podge                               2/8   Open Team           Swim:  Gerald KLASSEN  — Trail                               2   26:11Bike:  Graham COCKSEDGE  — Powell River              2 1:03:13Run:  Graham COCKSEDGE  — Powell River               1   37:04 5     1:23:51 Nerds On The Go                           2/2   Team Under 16      Swim:  Olivia COWAN  — Nelson          3   10:02Bike:  Jack MCKIMM  — Nelson            6   46:44Run:  Lucy CARVER-BRENNAN  — Nelson         5   27:06 DQ  1:47:09 The Big Nickels                           1/8   Open Team        Swim:  Adrian COURT  — Calgary                     1   25:17Bike:  James LONGSTREET  — Calgary               1   40:20Run:  Adrian COURT  — Calgary                          2   41:33Sprint Distance Individual Results(0.5 Km Swim – 22 Km Bike – 5 Km Run)1     1:08:02 Ian SHARP               Kelowna        1/8   Men 30-392     1:11:05 Joel DELEENHEER         Victoria       1/12  Men 40-493     1:13:42 Dannica STEVENSON-WADE  Kelowna     1/13  Women 40-494     1:16:00 Juergen BAETZEL         Gray Creek     2/12  Men 40-495     1:16:25 Darrin MOREIRA          Castlegar      2/6   Men 18-296    1:17:07 Matthew LOZIE           Kelowna        2/8   Men 30-397     1:17:37 Renee SOENEN            Calgary        1/16  Women 30-8     1:18:49 Stefan SPERFELD         Nelson         3/8   Men 30-399     1:19:03 Robin WATT-SUTHERLAND   Salmon Arm 2/16  Women 30-3910     1:20:00 Randy TRERISE           Grand Forks    1/7   Men 60+11     1:20:18 John KOGA               Kelowna        3/12  Men 40-4912     1:22:07 Nikki JOMHA             Victoria       2/13  Women 40-4913     1:22:14 Suzie POIRIER           Medicine Hat   3/16  Women 30-3914     1:22:27 Jennifer KOGA           Kelowna        4/16  Women 30-3915     1:22:32 Stewart DAROUX          Rossland       1/8   Men 50-5916     1:23:33 Lisa GEORGE             Penticton      1/11  Women 18-29717     1:23:38 Janice POETSCH          Nelson         3/13  Women 40-4918     1:23:48 Darci WIWCHAR           Fort Mcmurra   5/16  Women 30-3919     1:23:53 Jennifer JOHNSON        Trail          6/16  Women 30-3920     1:24:07 Chauncy BLAIR           Nelson         4/8   Men 30-39 10     1:40:35 Cd Fitz                                   8/9   Open Team         Swim:  Denise FITZSIMMONS  — Chilliwack             11   16:16Bike:  Chris FITZSIMMONS  — Chilliwack       10   56:33Run:  Denise FITZSIMMONS  — Chilliwack             6   27:47 2     1:19:09 Yolo                                      2/9   Open Team          Swim:  Emily BARTLE  — Kamloops           4   10:06Bike:  Darion NORDICK  — Kamloops         5   46:43Run:  Matthew BARTLE  — Kamloops           2   22:21 7     1:31:52 Burning Diesel                            5/9   Open Team         Swim:  Mike TOLFREE  — Calgary          5   10:16Bike:  Dianna DUCS  — Nelson               9   49:24Run:  Liane BELLAND  — Calgary            8   32:13 6     1:28:22 Juicy                                     4/9   Open Team          Swim:  Shannon HARTSON  — Castlegar            7   12:22Bike:  Julie CRISPIN  — Rossland                 3   45:07Run:  Julie CRISPIN  — Rossland         7   30:55 3     2:35:52 Arrrrrr                                   4/8   Open Team          Swim:  Chris SCOTT  — Vancouver          5   29:41Bike:  Chris SCOTT  — Vancouver      5 1:14:02Run:  Kelly CARSWELL  — Vancouver              5   52:10 4     1:23:30 No Idea                                   3/9   Open Team          Swim:  Sarah DORGELO  — Christina Lake       9   14:15Bike:  Harold DORGELO  — Christina Lake        4   46:31Run:  Tyler ROBINSON  — Chilliwack             3   22:44 11     1:48:57 Two Kool Kats                             9/9   Open Team        Swim:  Colleen DRISCOLL  — Nelson                10   15:30Bike:  Robin CHERBO  — Nelson                  11   57:30Run:  Colleen DRISCOLL  — Nelson                9   35:57last_img read more


first_img–30– ARCADIA, Calif. (April 2, 2015)–In a major departure from recent tactics, longshot Street Maven was gunned to the lead by Tyler Baze and he responded with a gate to wire triumph in Thursday’s $58,000 allowance feature at Santa Anita, winning by a length and a quarter while covering 1 ¼ miles on turf in 1:59.94.Trained by Doug O’Neill and off at 9-1 in a field of eight older horses, Street Maven, who broke slowly in his most recent start going 1 1/8 miles on turf and was some 15 lengths off the lead after the first quarter, paid $21.40, $8.00 and $4.60.“That was all Tyler today, putting him on the lead,” said O’Neill. “With the rails being out (30 feet), we thought he’d be more forwardly placed but to have him on the front end with the fractions they were going…we were cussing him mid-race, but we were lovin’ him at the wire.”Owned by R3 Racing and Calara Farms, Street Maven, a 5-year-old gelding by Street Hero, sailed through fractions of 22.88, 46.44, 1:10.85 and 1:34.98 en route to his third win from 10 career starts. With the winner’s share of $34,800, he increased his earnings to $93,670.“I was going fast the first quarter mile, but he was doing it so easy,” said Baze. “When they’re doing it that easy you can go that fast and get away with it. He’s a nice horse.”Although 8-5 favorite Wanstead Gardens made a big run through the lane with Victor Espinoza, he was unable to threaten the winner and paid $3.00 and $2.80.Crucero, who was off at 13-1 with Kent Desormeaux, checked in third and paid $4.80 to show.First post time on Friday at Santa Anita is at 1 p.m. Admission gates open at 11 a.m.last_img read more

Half-time: Fulham 0 Cardiff City 1

first_imgPoor defending from Fulham saw them go a goal down four minutes before the break.Despite having the better of the chances in the first half, the Whites were caught out when Aron Gunnarsson escaped the attentions of Richard Stearman and, with the outside of his right boot, clipped in a cross for Lex Immers, who was left totally unmarked to head in.Cardiff almost doubled their lead immediately afterwards as Sean Morrison’s header came back off the post.Fulham had had the better of the first half chances prior to the goal, with Emerson Hyndman and Ross McCormack both denied by Cardiff keeper David Marshall.Slavisa Jokanovic’s side, chasing a third league win in seven days, looked bright going forward and Moussa Dembele skied an early shot from the edge of the box.Cardiff, who need the points to keep in touching distance of the play-off places, responded with headers from Gunnarsson and Bruno Ecuele-Manga, which did not unduly threaten the home goal.Hyndman, who replaced the injured Tom Cairney in the starting line-up, showed the energy he can bring to the side when he intercepted a pass on the halfway line, strode forward 40 yards and then getting a shot away which Marshall palmed behind.Marshall was also equal to McCormack’s curling free-kick, but Fulham were left to rue lapses of concentration at the back when Cardiff went in front.Fulham: Bettinelli; Stearman, Madl, Amorebieta, Garbutt; Tunnicliffe, Parker, Ince, Hyndman; McCormack, Dembele.Subs: Lonergan, Fredericks, Burn, Baird, Christensen, Woodrow, Smith.Cardiff: Marshall; Peltier, Morrison; Ecuele-Manga, Malone; Noone, Gunnarsson, Ralls, Whittingham; Lawrence, Immers. Subs: Moore, Fabio, Connolly, Dikgacoi, O’Keefe, Zohore, Saadi.Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Fans on Twitter react to QPR cup defeat

first_imgEmbed from Getty ImagesBen Gladwin has attracted criticism from fans since his arrival at QPR – and many on Twitter were far from impressed with his display against Blackburn.Gladwin was substituted in the second half at Loftus Road, where Rangers made an immediate exit from the FA Cup by losing 2-1 against Blackburn.The man who paid money for Ben Gladwin should be shot. #QPR— Steve (@QPRSteve1982) January 7, 2017The #QPR January Transfer Window wish list:1. Decent right back. 2. No. 10 playmaker.3. A proven goalscorer. 4. Taxi for Gladwin.— Paul Nasr (@SkyPaulNasr) January 7, 2017I don’t know what Ollie sees in training but how Gladwin gets in the team before Shodipo only god & Ollie knows #QPR— mick (@qprmicky) January 7, 2017Ben Gladwin makes Michael Meaker look like Lionel Messi. #justsaying #QPR— Galen Urso (@spqpr1973) January 7, 2017Cousin’s, Yeni and Gladwin. Nine of them good enough. None of them fit to wear our beloved Hoops.#QPR— Chris Taylor (@superhoopchris) January 7, 2017Ben Gladwin reminds me of Leonardo Di Caprio in ‘Catch Me If You Can.’ Looks the part, but has no idea how to play football. #QPR— Paul Nasr (@SkyPaulNasr) January 7, 2017Gladwin…..he must have something on the chairman….#QPR— Christian Harber (@QPR1980) January 7, 2017   Ads by Revcontent Trending Articles Urologists: Men, Forget the Blue Pill! This “Destroys” ED x ‘Genius Pill’ Used By Rich Americans Now Available In Netherlands! x Men, You Don’t Need the Blue Pill if You Do This x What She Did to Lose Weight Stuns Doctors: Do This Daily Before Bed! x One Cup of This (Before Bed) Burns Belly Fat Like Crazy! x Drink This Before Bed, Watch Your Body Fat Melt Like Crazy x Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Data and Deaths: Both Challenges for Maternal Health

first_imgPosted on September 27, 2010June 20, 2017By: Saumya Ramarao, Senior Associate, Population CouncilClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)The MHTF is soliciting reactions from the maternal health community to the newly released UN MMR data. Our hope is that, together, these comments will serve as a springboard for discussion and provide momentum towards MDG5.The welcome news is that globally maternal mortality is declining even though it may not be as fast as desired nor equally across all economic groups. Two recent estimates bring us this good news providing further fresh impetus to ongoing initiatives: second good news is that these estimates have focused attention on what has been known for a long time—the dearth of good quality data. Timely and quality data are essential to monitor programs, facilitate decision-making, and improve accountability of programs and governments to their citizens. “What gets measured gets done” is true in the field of maternal health as any other development field.The emphasis in discussions of maternal mortality so far has been on estimating the number of deaths. Estimating deaths is important for advocacy and for rallying support to this important cause. But, it is time now to move the dialogue beyond death counts to measuring morbidities, monitoring the quality of services, ensuring data are recorded consistently and accurately in health facilities and are collected and reported in a timely fashion.As countries implement medical interventions to save women’s life, strengthen their health systems, they can also innovate with data collection approaches. In a digital world, timely and good quality data collection should be easier, faster, and one can argue cheaper. There are proven examples of how primary health care facilities in remote areas are able to connect via cell phones to their districts and provincial headquarters to report current health situations and be provided immediate feedback. PDAs can be useful to frontline workers to organize their schedules for conducting outreach work and home visits. Client data can be entered in real time and transmitted to central databases making reporting easier and reducing time spent on manual recording across multiple registers.With the myriad possibilities of digital data collection available, it is only the paucity of imagination that holds us back.Share this: ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read:last_img read more

Thunder Bay police say Tammy Keeash drowned – community holds vigil to

first_imgWillow FiddlerAPTN National NewsThe Thunder Bay police say Tammy Keeash drowned in one of the city’s floodways and at this point, no foul play is suspected.Keeash was reported missing during the afternoon of Sunday, May 7 – her body was discovered later that evening.She is the fourth child in care to die while in care of the province of Ontario since October.And is also the sixth young person to be found dead in a Thunder Bay river since 2000.On Thursday night, family and friends held a vigil to remember [email protected]last_img read more

Service Changes to BC Bus North

first_imgPrince George – Valemount: departs at 8:30 (not 7:00) and arrives Valemount 12:25 (not 11:05)Valemount – Prince George: departs Valemount at 1:25 p.m. (not 3 p.m.) and arrives at 5:20 p.m. (not 7:05)Prince George – Fort St. John:o   Schedule times are in Mountain Standard between Fort St. John and Chetwyndo   Fort St. John terminus moves from 100 Ave at 100 Street to 99 Ave at 100 Street;o   Departure times at most points en route are earlier, reducing overall travel time by a one-half hour.Dawson Creek – Fort Nelson:o   Schedule times are all Mountain Standard Time, and departure times are earlier.o   Fort Nelson terminus moves from Phoenix Theatre to the Recreation Centreo   Fort St. John stop moves from 100 St. and 100 Ave., to 100 St. at 99 Ave. Reservations are required on BC Bus North. Book online at or call toll-free: 1-844-564-7494. FORT ST. JOHN B.C. – Changes are being made to the B.C. Bus North for passenger safety.Passenger safety in winter conditions will be increased with schedule changes that give drivers as much available daylight to transport passengers to their destinations.Travel days during the week remain the same, but changes taking effect November 5 include:center_img Prince George – Prince Rupert:o   leaves each end at 8 a.m, which is unchanged, but arrives at 7:25 p.m., 25 minutes earlier.o   Some departure times en route are earlier.o   The stop in Telkwa moves from the Post Office to the One Stop ShopMany changes have been made to the new schedule, so customers should visit for the changes that affect them.last_img read more

Mahagathbandhans prospects to improve in next two phases Mayawati

first_imgAzamgarh (UP): Rubbishing the BJP’s claim that it was doing good in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, the opposition ‘mahagathbandhan’ on Wednesday said that on the other hand the prospects of the opposition alliance was improving day by day. “Our (electoral) prospects are improving…the prospects of the opposition alliance will further improve in the remaining two phases of Lok Sabha polls,” BSP chief Mayawati said at a joint rally with SP chief Akhilesh Yadav here. She said ever since the ‘mahagathbandhan’ was formed to take on the saffron party, “BJP leaders have lost their sleep.” Mayawati appealed to the voters to ensure a historic win for Yadav, who is the joint opposition candidate from the Azamgarh seat held by the SP in the outgoing Lok Sabha. Hitting back at the BJP, the BSP chief said, “We are not ‘mahamilawati’, it is Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is ‘mahamilawati’.” The PM has termed the mahagathbandhan’ as the ‘mahamilawati’ (adulterated) alliance. Dubbing the Congress and the BJP as two sides of the same coin, she said, “Dono kaa chaal chalan ek hai (both have same nature and character).” She said Modi will try to create more confusion in the days to come and appealed to the voters not to fall prey to his designs. “Unkey (Modi’s) achchey din ladd gaye (his good days are over) and bad days are staring at his face,” she said.last_img read more