Website four points have to say

this revision will not cause the search engine drop right?

strategy is what we call the big direction, as the saying goes the wrong direction, the more effort you do, then you are wrong, the more powerful, the revision is the same, we can not come to a standstill because of some problems, previously included and so on, afraid of this fear that these fears are completely not necessary, as long as you can for your company’s future, know what you are worried about what to do? Why we should first put forward a strategic problem of the website? If we are to be revised, so we will be changing, according to our future direction to do, rather than to the original it has been a thing of the past. I often write the signature of the written word, I often take it as my motto: the right direction, stick to it as long as you have the right strategy to succeed. Today I tell you that, I can give you the power of the development of read more

The three point website keyword selection

: evade the crucial point

some popular keywords will love Shanghai auction, if these popular keywords as your main keywords, and can not speak up, Shanghai allowed to love in the theory of words can be made up, even if these keywords have rankings, can fall in love with the sea beyond the bidding? Will cause a lot of traffic is an advertisement. Even if the website to the home page, the flow is very small. So choose some longer term can effectively avoid these problems, for example, select the target keywords + region or other professional terms as keywords, such as the Shanghai Phoenix Forum, the beginning should not promote Shanghai dragon, but choose to promote Shanghai Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon forum such as keywords. These words no one bid, but does not mean that there is no user search, we all know that love Shanghai competition is the need to pay is not difficult, and these words do go up, a lot of words on the home page is almost rely on natural optimization up, some within the pages of website platform. read more

Gomez peer you’re not far from the stopSearch phones have not caught by artificial intelligence M

must do the hook to make money no wonder Wurenbuxiao, Gomez peer, the software was even a hook to make money make friends think is the most profitable onhook software. But I think this Gomez peer onhook software is one of the most money all hang in the software, but also a know only make friends and never consider paying to hang up the Chinese unturned trick make friends continue to give you up,

is responsible for the people to sign the GIO is a computer scientist, gray hair, wearing a pair of glasses frame, the name of Shen Xiangyang. read more

Discussion on the original content of the three functions of website optimization

know a role of the most attractive is the original content can effectively improve the site rankings get more traffic, but there are many benefits of original content. Now all the webmaster all know the importance of the original content, but every day, adhere to the original is very difficult, and this also makes some owners to give up the original acquisition or reproduced, this is one of the reasons through the collection of updates can save a lot of time, so this also makes some webmaster love collecting. But the search engine to collect content on the web and especially not friendly, so often owners say why his website yesterday also included thousands, but the rest of the scanty update. The reason is in the quality of the content, content acquisition no quality at all, and the repeatability is high, so it is easy to be ruthless delete search engine. So for the acquisition of content suck, original content and the effect of what? Today I will share my original content effect. read more

n the era of mobile nternet search to decide on what path to follow

first, the end of the mobile Internet users are using the fragmentation of the time, and through the search engine to search, then the contents of the corresponding location, according to the above to get the corresponding help, so the possibility of the occurrence probability is relatively low. Because of the fragmentation of time to meet the long time of operation, so that it will affect the use of mobile users to search engines.

In fact, in the United States

third, a variety of application users. The user reduces the use of search engines, in addition to the search engine itself has some bottlenecks in the development, application and development of the third party is beginning to cause great impact on search engines, such as Apple’s app store, in which people can directly search for the corresponding software. Even to get the corresponding books and all kinds of information in them, so people for traditional depend on search engine will decline. read more

Love Shanghai Alipay discovered a web search garbled two search results

again use garbled title search Alipay website.

has not understand. The same site in Shanghai, love the search engine display included in the results page, it can search out two distinct titles. It is understood that the search engine website, the title garbled, generally due to the search engines, incomplete database reads is incorrect, the server does not support this language, encoding error, header contains special characters and reasons. But these are excluded, while Alipay such a large commercial website, the website code error possibility is not great, this can not help Lenovo to love the subtle relationship between Shanghai and Taobao. Public opinions are divergent., remains to be proven. read more

Analysis of the influence of website promotion of network marketing from site traffic

3, optimization scheme: tracking by keyword advertising effect, such as soft feedback access network marketing effect, provide the basis for the development and marketing strategy of correction network, checking site traffic situation, adjust the site pattern, at the same time, according to the judgment of a source of quality of visitors, analyze its malicious click rate, then optimization of network promotion effect.

2, accurate market positioning: the visitor source analysis, assist enterprises to develop different marketing strategies to adjust the market positioning, is good for enterprise. read more

A new website how to get the weight in a short period of time

2. planning website of

website early to plan website content, original content can be expanded around the theme of the site creation, try not to copy others’ wholly intact, if it could not write a high quality content, can take a high degree of pseudo original ways to enrich the content of the website. High quality content to keep updated every time can not be a quantitative, add too much content, also not good days not update, to achieve steady, freshness keeping a website.

for a new website, the website must do a good job on the line before the layout, which includes the web page structure and key layout. It is important for the structure of the page, the page layout according to the user’s browsing habits, the premise is to maintain a good user experience; in addition, to make the layout of the key words, the page keyword layout should be natural, avoid keyword stuffing, otherwise it will affect the site overall weight lifting. read more

Google made major adjustments to the search algorithm shows larger advertising harassment

result is that if the extension of the advertising company A advertising to obtain higher Adrank and more prominent position, it is the cost per click (CPC) will decrease. But at the same time, the company B for its unobtrusive advertising cost per click will rise. In other words, the advertisement price depends not only on the company to the price, but also depends on their competitors will push up the bid price, do not pay attention to this point the cost of advertisers.


For the The original link: read more

How do the promotion of intelligent optimization Home Furnishing industry

5. competitor analysis code, URL, keyword layout;

4. detection of competitors, the number of detection precision can be used outside the chain of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform;

update frequency, put an end to the three day sun for two days fishing nets, updated content needs to be original, pseudo original pseudo original article thoroughly, it is difficult to write the words together suggest the use of the article form, add some original content coherence, so the search engine will be considered an article, efforts must be updated more than competitors. read more