Taiwan province into a popular tourist destination

5 4, from Taiwan, a total of 20 travel agencies and tourism departments in charge of the province held a forum. Travel agents, Taiwan compatriots are full of curiosity and longing for Qinghai, Qinghai has become a popular destination for Taiwan compatriots.

the Taiwan traveling salesman will use 8 days to visit Qinghai Lake, Qilian, Guide and Xining, Kanbula surrounding tourism resources, tourism infrastructure, tourism environment and food, housing, travel, shopping and entertainment, etc.. Hope that through the joint efforts of both sides to promote the sudden emergence of the Qinghai tourism market, attracting more tourists to Qinghai, Taiwan. read more

Xining City Health Bureau Youth League organizations to participate in the activities of three youth

according to the Xining Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League "on the market to carry out the fourteenth rural youth culture festival opening ceremony of the youth volunteer" three countryside activities in Xining City letter "arrangements, Xining Municipal Health Bureau of Communist Youth League organization in December 7, 2011 Xining City medical rescue volunteer services team to Jingyang town Datong County Gan Shu Wan Cun in the municipal Party committee to carry out the fourteenth session of the Xining City Rural Youth Cultural Festival and the three young volunteers to the countryside" activities.

through the youth volunteer activities in three rural areas, the rural masses have a preliminary understanding of the city medical relief youth service team, but also improve the peasants’ health and disease prevention health consciousness.

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Xining City Public Security Bureau police team on Yushu in the hope of the children’s home

June 29th, "Yushu wants children’s home orphanage came bursts of laughter, more than and 20 children now and several police do interactive games, play very happy.

the more than and 20 children lost their homes and relatives in the earthquake, causing huge impact and damage to their young minds. In order to make them as soon as possible to come out from the shadow of the earthquake, in the face of future learning and life, with a positive and optimistic attitude in June 29th, deputy secretary of Xining City Public Security Bureau police detachment four brigade Party branch instructor Guo Dingyu on duty in the initiative to get in touch with Zahi for the welfare Dean, Ma Shenglin, Wang Jianjun, led the police party Hua Zong to visit the children welfare institute. read more

Richpower commercial Lane the most valuable block

In Qinghai, filed a pedestrian street, people will think of Richpower Lane commercial pedestrian street, with a number of international brands, domestic famous brand, Qinghai famous brand and many business merchants settled, the combination of Hehuang culture and modern Tibetan Plateau beautiful commercial pedestrian street, shopping, leisure, catering and entertainment. Travel, live and work as a whole, not only become the people of Qinghai and overseas visitors will go to the shopping street, has become the investment in the most investment value of the block. read more

Six traffic dividends over at the end of the year to achieve Xining Haidong bus card

what are the highways to be built this year? What are the newly started projects? What are the new changes in Xining’s traffic? 28, the reporter from the province’s twelve session of the National People’s Congress, the press conference of the five meeting asked a lot of dry goods, small partners come together to see it.

bonus: perfect passenger hub construction

in the country’s 179 hub station center, the province of Xining and Golmud were included in the national hub station center. Among them, Xining was included in the national passenger hub, Golmud was included in the national freight hub. read more

Qinghai Province China held the first comprehensive radiation accident emergency exercises

9 month 13 days, according to the unified deployment of the State Environmental Protection Department, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau held a "safe Qinghai 2016" radiation accident emergency drill, causing major radiation accident loss testing device of a chemical enterprise with a virtual Se-75 nuclear radiation source. The exercise is the province’s ability to respond to radiation accident emergency response, but also the first time the Qinghai Tibet Plateau radiation emergency exercises. Liu Hua, chief engineer of the national nuclear safety administration. read more

Yang Yang sister Rome won the team championship

reporter in May 8th from Qinghai Province Sports Bureau, Italy in Rome at the world championships in the race, my body of work brigade athletes cut yangshenjie won the women’s 20 km race champion, the third person.

world walking Team Championships held in Italy, local time on May 8th in Rome, in the first day of the event, the Chinese team performed almost all the champions. On the first day of the four individual and group competitions, the Chinese team got 7 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze. read more

Xining anti corruption achieved new results

In December 24th, Xining city held a clean government responsibility assessment meeting, the provincial Party committee, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Dorje Geltan led fourth inspection group group attended the meeting, listen to the Xining City, the implementation of clean and honest.

appraisal meeting, provincial assessment team leader Chang Jianming introduced the related work to carry out special inspection requirements; Deputy Secretary and mayor Zhang Xiaorong reported on the 2015 clean government building in Xining city and the personal responsibility of the discipline under Municipal Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection; Cao Jiansong reported on the book on the City Commission for Discipline Inspection to perform a clean government supervision responsibility and personal responsibility of the discipline under the.

will also implement the Party leadership on clean government responsibility system, Party leadership team members to perform a clean government responsibility and self-discipline, discipline inspection team to implement clean government oversight responsibility, 2015 style construction of the democratic appraisal satisfaction.During the read more

Xining Municipal Bureau of parks and housing and urban and rural construction was named the 2010 ann

Recently, the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural construction in recognition of the recognition of the 2010 annual industry target responsibility assessment of advanced units, the successful completion of the Xining Municipal Bureau of parks task was named outstanding units

recently, the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural construction in recognition of the recognition of the 2010 annual industry target responsibility assessment of advanced units, the successful completion of the Xining Municipal Bureau of parks task was named outstanding units. read more

Xining Grassroots Party members difficult to send warm winter

Chill, Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department for the 100 households in rural households difficult members sent 1 tons of coal for heating, heating fee paid 1000 yuan for 100 households per family members difficult community, let this love feel the difficulties of Party members from the party organization warm.

winter warm activities is determined by the Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department of the 2013 year as one of the practical projects. In order to ensure the "winter warmth" activities carried out smoothly, the municipal Party Committee Organization Department take the District reported the recipients list, unified audit screening, unified payment of coal for heating and heating costs, timely care of Party organizations to implement difficult family members. Throughout the selection process, the organization departments at all levels adhere to the principle, adhere to open, transparent, and resolutely do not do things, effectively ensuring the right to know and supervise the masses of Party members. read more