The key point of the enterprise website optimization Website convincing

we know that the current site optimization, we can not only consider problems from the surface, a lot of time to really dig deeper things to meet user needs, and every day is not a simple mechanical type of the update and the chain, this involves how a core idea let website get customer approval, also is the theme of today to be talked about, the key point of the enterprise website optimization Website convincing.

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second, shaping the company’s image in the industry to its value. We know the first point, just to win customers sense, and to truly grasp the customer’s heart, need further through professional enterprises can reflect the degree of professional things to reflect the value of this, we often practice is through the qualification certificate, enterprise products, expert image, customer case details etc. deep. At the same time, the author recommends a prominent position on the website of all common problems or have doubts about the answer, and give a simple explanation and reason, will help to further strengthen customer trust in our business.

third, contact should be more flowering. We know that contact is the most direct contact with customers and business channel, the author found that many enterprises only a single column page contact show, most of the time the customer needs us to guide, the contacts in each page are displayed as possible, contact as much as possible to cover some comprehensive such as mobile phone, landline, fax, mail, QQ will come into. Because we do not know the common way of communication to customers, so that customers would like to think that must be well prepared in advance.

Finally, the author sum up,

fourth, perfect customer service service to allow customers to clear reassurance. The author thinks that the disadvantages of the Internet is the biggest problem we must trust, product or service customer service concerns of customers should also be considered and reflected, this time can be used to ask the way or by the guide to customer communication here. Allow customers to have doubts about the problems all pour out, understand customer concerns, we can find the transaction persuade medicine, rather than through the website about their products and services to superior, these things are already tired of endless, so we will become closer, and customers from the heart the distance.

first, show the full range of operating conditions of enterprises. The author thinks that the enterprise website promotion website first key point is to allow customers to truly feel the sense of presence, this will be as far as possible to the company such as the image of the company, company introduction, enterprise scale, location and environment, etc. the combination of graphic presentation. Let the customer see information when feel the presence of enterprises. Our customers show business information more abundant, the higher the degree of customer trust, the trust degree views, viscosity and views will be gone.

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