User experience website optimization to understand empathy Era

clear correlation, the original article concept

so how to do to do that? Is to learn empathy, on their way to do optimization. Because the author is doing online editing, so the following is from the point of view of the article to talk about how to do empathy. In fact, these are reflected in the writing, but we do not have to think over. For example, we often say that the correlation is from the site itself, and the requirements of the original article is mainly because the search engines love for the original article, the user experience is more simple, requires that the article should have readability, can provide valuable information for the user. In summary, writing is to empathy, standing on their view of what they need, what love, and then match up.

in the beginning of the article the author Daniel about their relationship between the three, which also can be seen, each step are discussed in the next step. So we can’t be isolated to do their. Here the author can be said rudely, the so-called empathy, is to "

we do website optimization is three things, namely the construction of the site itself, search engine optimization and user experience. The three point is that the relationship between the progressive layers. First, the construction site itself and its main purpose is to cater to the search engine, so as to get the favor of it to get good keywords ranking and flow. Secondly do search engine optimization is to obtain the benefit, it is to put the site flow into customer orders into money. Finally, how to allow users to pay, natural and ultimately the user experience, only the customer satisfaction is willing to pay. This is probably why in recent years more and more attention to the user experience, is actually out of this chain of interest.

many people view the original article is to write the network without the article, in order that they will not mind the other articles to translate it again, regardless of their understanding of No. Don’t mind to write some meaningless running account. But in fact not, even if it can cope with the search engine, but it is only temporary. Now the search engine will also pay attention to the user experience, which means that the definition of the original article is changed, the premise of the original article began to become high quality. So we must face up to the original article, never equal to the high quality articles, to the quality of work.

three to

The relationship between

we have always said the correlation, then what is the relationship? Did I do go gift gifts website website copy some articles. Of course not, I think this is the true correlation in conveying the related information, even if there is a purpose to convey information also should ensure that the message is true, there is value to readers or users. In view of the long-term development of the station site, the content of the article is not crudely made, but should be based on the industry, based on the website. It is also related to the requirements of the quality.

, but not lack of coordination

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