The three point website keyword selection

: evade the crucial point

some popular keywords will love Shanghai auction, if these popular keywords as your main keywords, and can not speak up, Shanghai allowed to love in the theory of words can be made up, even if these keywords have rankings, can fall in love with the sea beyond the bidding? Will cause a lot of traffic is an advertisement. Even if the website to the home page, the flow is very small. So choose some longer term can effectively avoid these problems, for example, select the target keywords + region or other professional terms as keywords, such as the Shanghai Phoenix Forum, the beginning should not promote Shanghai dragon, but choose to promote Shanghai Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon forum such as keywords. These words no one bid, but does not mean that there is no user search, we all know that love Shanghai competition is the need to pay is not difficult, and these words do go up, a lot of words on the home page is almost rely on natural optimization up, some within the pages of website platform.

The The above three points >

must be a company or enterprise’s flagship product, also can be the site theme related words, for example, a corporate website optimization mainly produces sports shoes, at the same time, the enterprise production of adult shoes, shoe lovers like sports shoes, but the production technology is the best and the yield is the most, home key is necessary to refer to this point, then the web page keyword keyword needs to select sports shoes such as key words. As a Shanghai dragon worker, do not always think of a page layout of all keywords, don’t put all the keywords to the home page layout, quantitative change will cause qualitative change, will eventually cause qualitative change, The loss outweighs the gain., it would also gain a complete victory. Do the keyword analysis and reasonable allocation, and then carry out the work. In the selection as far as possible to do subtraction, each page layout is to do subtraction, and the ultimate aim is accurate.

three: benefit


keyword is the choice of Shanghai Longfeng priority among priorities, it will affect the direction of the work and achievements of Shanghai dragon, so in the selection of target words, must be able to accurately reflect the keywords web content theme and service density. The following three points can help you how to choose keywords.


maximum principle is to ensure that the interests of Shanghai dragon, how much is the main factor to consider is the Shanghai dragon investment, cost and benefits of post website. Operating costs include daily expenses of the site itself, Shanghai Dragon into a word need to spend much time and energy, the energy and time will bring what economic burden to the enterprise, this is clearly not in line with the principle of profit maximization, keywords have to do up if the choice is not accurate, it will also affect the later bring the profit adjustment keywords will also face great difficulty. In a word, keyword see now is very important for enterprises.

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