Love Shanghai Alipay discovered a web search garbled two search results

again use garbled title search Alipay website.


has not understand. The same site in Shanghai, love the search engine display included in the results page, it can search out two distinct titles. It is understood that the search engine website, the title garbled, generally due to the search engines, incomplete database reads is incorrect, the server does not support this language, encoding error, header contains special characters and reasons. But these are excluded, while Alipay such a large commercial website, the website code error possibility is not great, this can not help Lenovo to love the subtle relationship between Shanghai and Taobao. Public opinions are divergent., remains to be proven.

The use of This

today love Shanghai when searching certain keywords, other keywords compared to the same site, found love Shanghai search on Alipay website have a cold, namely: the Alipay website title in garbled, a website search results two.

search engines love Shanghai "Bao", the title of the site found that Alipay was garbled and so on some unrecognized characters, if not the Alipay ICO icon and its domain name, we simply can not distinguish the authenticity of the site, separate from the title of the site, thought the website was hacked.

The direct use of


Alipay keyword search, found that Alipay website can display the title in Shanghai in search engine.

this link: 贵族宝贝shjue贵族宝贝/post/205.html


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