Google made major adjustments to the search algorithm shows larger advertising harassment

result is that if the extension of the advertising company A advertising to obtain higher Adrank and more prominent position, it is the cost per click (CPC) will decrease. But at the same time, the company B for its unobtrusive advertising cost per click will rise. In other words, the advertisement price depends not only on the company to the price, but also depends on their competitors will push up the bid price, do not pay attention to this point the cost of advertisers.


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BusinessInsider reported recently, Google search results display advertising by way of a major adjustment, the future users will likely see more and more with more links search advertising. This is because Google will encourage more advertisers to adjust the use of Google’s "advertising expansion", makes the advertising look bigger and more conspicuous.

"extension and advertising form now can affect your ads on the search results page position. If the two competitive advertising price and quality, the expansion of the expected impact of the executives more active are usually displayed in a higher position."

gold Muru is Google’s statement that the interpretation of irony:



changes will punish those who do not use advertisement extension of advertisers, it is expected to attract more advertisers advertising expansion, more users see the kind of advertising. Google search advertising routine is quite simple, it appears in the yellow box at the top of the page, showing the name of the enterprise and URL, possibly with short brand slogan.

"we really hope that our advertisers advertising by extension, making Google the sponsorship advertising become more than ever before. Unfortunately, you are too lazy to move these advertisers, advertising popularity extended too slowly. Therefore, the future we will not only use the extended reward advertising advertisers, will also begin to punish not used by advertisers."

Google’s display advertising

other words, "lost" greatly increase in the cost of advertisers will be Adrank, here refers to those who don’t use advertising extension makes its advertising becomes more and more useful to advertisers.

called "Adrank" based on the rules, which is based on the search and pick out the best advertising. Google said the company just let the advertisement extension became part of the Adrank rules, to support expansion of advertising.

search marketing company WordStream founder Larry · Kim (Larry Kim) pointed out that this change in thinking should be considered when Google’s statement did not emphasize a factor of Adrank not only the overall quality of a company based on advertising, advertising is based on quality competition.


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