How do the promotion of intelligent optimization Home Furnishing industry

5. competitor analysis code, URL, keyword layout;

4. detection of competitors, the number of detection precision can be used outside the chain of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform;

update frequency, put an end to the three day sun for two days fishing nets, updated content needs to be original, pseudo original pseudo original article thoroughly, it is difficult to write the words together suggest the use of the article form, add some original content coherence, so the search engine will be considered an article, efforts must be updated more than competitors.

sites;How many

SEM for the number of


3. owners and other tools to detect the key words of competition;

for intelligent Home Furnishing industry, competitor analysis is to first find popular keywords intelligent and intelligent Home Furnishing Home Furnishing industry, is the industry popular keywords. Then we can put the word in the search for intelligent Home Furnishing love Shanghai.

, an understanding of the industry:

2. view page three natural ranking of the top level domain name website;

Shanghai today is not the year of the Dragon promotion Shanghai dragon promotion. I remember when I first contact Shanghai dragon is 08 years, then the promotion optimization is very simple, just put it there will be a keyword ranking. The time has gone, there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners in the competition for all walks of life. Intelligent Home Furnishing industry is the same, the degree of competition is relatively intense. Then the current Shanghai dragon industry development for intelligent Home Furnishing industry how to promote the optimization of it? I will give you the following analysis, share intelligence Home Furnishing Shanghai dragon industry promotion.

The use of

two, competitor analysis:

? After The amount collected and reverse connection number 1. see

competition data, we began the investigation of competitors weakness surprise optimization promotion. From these data we must first ensure that the premise itself is good enough. As the site itself code, URL, key words to do good, try to make the most conducive to the state of Shanghai dragon.

as a practitioner for Shanghai Longfeng overall optimization of a website, the first thing to understand is what the industry is engaged in website. As the intelligent Home Furnishing industry website is the same. To locate the analysis of the industry, and then uses, and other information products. Good understanding of the relevant information of the industry for mass analysis.

for the analysis of competitors not only for the intelligent Home Furnishing industry, it is the same in all walks of life, the competitor analysis is a necessary work. So how to analyze competitor

6. data obtained after doing comprehensive evaluation.

for intelligent Home Furnishing industry, the degree of competition can be seen in general, update the content is not simple.

three, how to go beyond the competitors:

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