A simple analysis of reasons new second failure

bonus: find a method can quickly let the spider to grab

said the following several usual optimization feelings and the webmaster said

first love Shanghai webmaster tools to register an account after landing, will own the URL, and click grab diagnosis, etc. after the completion of the website to grab the display space on the background download site logs, you will find love Shanghai spiders to go to catch and fast catching up several times, but I do not know this method is included for the last new release and the effect is good, but at least the coming love spiders in Shanghai, this is a big harvest.

1. believe that every webmaster is hard, every day countless percussion keyboard but the website is often not included or K. This is relentless, let our webmaster upset things, but from past experience, no matter how to adjust the algorithm has the same thing that is high quality original content and high quality of the chain, so long as we insist on the webmaster to do their thing, we can have good rankings, in addition to the high quality of the original is not directly to copy the new content or combined into a completely put all sorts of things together cannot read the article through the software and then sent to the site. That this is their high quality of the original, now the spider has been very clever not to be deceived by this trick, but once the love Shanghai spider think your article A large number of cheating and punished by the K station, ranging from one or two months to six months without heavy traffic are not ranked it will not be called every day.

recently in the optimization of a website, this plan is the second, the operation steps is the same as the original, is to adhere to the original web content and reasonable website frame layout, and to send the chain and A5 high weight website to send original guide quickly to spider love Shanghai included in the page and release page to achieve master, but this time lost, and for a week later, the home still has not been released, so I was very puzzled, want to toss about and think that all methods are not the problem, the articles are the current hot spot with the original (and business website is through the keyboard to play out, not the kind of software to get the pseudo original), and all the pages are generated by sitemap to facilitate the spiders can index to all of the content of URL but also the total generation The HTML space is static, with independent IP, love of Shanghai spiders love or preferences of things, so it is in the group sent information about the recent spider, love Shanghai algorithm and adjusted the? Or is an overall situation, through the QQ group inside the discussion in Shanghai recently found love the new sites included the study period was extended and more strictly, do not know will not be the cause of the failure of the second railway station.

Please see figure Beijing time.)

(access log time use Greenwich time, with Beijing time difference of 8 hours; that you will need time and 8 hours is the corresponding

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