How do the forum and industry portal external links

!Methods summarize the most effective !

5: when the signature set is best able to do anchor text links, links and anchor text love Shanghai related domain combination is the best

said the chain, in order to maintain the rank to maintain the chain do forum in the rankings up after the initial site what link? I said my method, I usually do the railway station when you get the content of the web site to do original, needless to say, the chain I do very little to do the forum is zhidingtie sofa to do basic is soft, and now a lot of industry industry station, station >

forum link:

2: find top posts, the more zhidingtie more weight (relative to the top of the waste iron) many people are not easy to be deleted! Link time will keep longer! Play the effect will be lasting

4: the first registered account some forum will not allow you to add a signature, so the best is to do more task, how many see signature access points for standard


1: find high weight forum support number, are going to the post every day, level, this is also the resource


3: pay attention to every webmaster action! Of course the best acquainted with you, ha ha, summarize the moderator posting time as far as possible to seize the moderators!


summary to summarize what to do outside the chain, the most convenient way to save up! Because after the website ranking everyone lazy, too lazy to do outside the chain, but can not do, then the answer is the forum! Look at the major forum for today’s hot sign up is not the URL is Forum anchor the text, everyone in a positive reply, post, to do the task, the level of the high to be able to add the number of bytes, which can add a few links, such a post or post multiple links simultaneously do, very convenient? Oh! So the chain in the forum is the most laborsaving all right! But also out of the question, the forum link is it everything? Answer: wrong, like the food flavoring agent forum link, with which we eat Things will more delicious, like MSG amount of delicious food delicious, put more of it is in big trouble, more than a day, more than two days, a long time may have an accident, so this is the forum outside the chain, doing, doing fine paste, is the most critical, remember not to irrigation water. That link the garbage stickers to come and go, in the end a sieve ranking will vary widely, because apart from the objective factors ranking floating search engine adjustment in addition to our own human factors, for example, if our forum outside the chain increased faster, at the same time go too fast, while links disappear suddenly catch search the engine update, you said your ranking will float? Will not fall? The answer is yes! I want to say it is the most suitable forum links, ranking up every day after, But not much to do, not on the forum link, combine the other way

! The more the better!

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