13 ways to make money from bloggingShaking the car behind the death if it hit 10 million


Zhang Tao CEO Wang Weijian is shaking his right-hand man, in his work of the team in charge of internal human, especially the majority of people are hired him. Zhang Tao of the Palestinian people, recalled that at that time the company lack of people, are said to the sh419 door to dig, the results really took a billboard to himself, a man holding a sign standing in sh419 building door, effect is obvious, some members are the core technology of digging, and will have a shake most of the early team.

, but most publishers don’t realize that it’s a strategy to do a good job of Adsense, and it’s not enough to just put the code on the page. The content of the website, the organization of the content, the method of writing the page code, the title used, the color and location of the advertisement, all of these factors greatly affect the advertising effect.



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count died in the taxi market, dozens of products: 100 meters, taxi is just one little secret… Shake, but because of the emergence of the earliest time the most popular market. Once in the Beijing market, the biggest opponent of drops is not fast, but shook the cart.

shook the earliest products do not the taxi App, but now the media hot car rental business model on the market at that time and is easy to shake the shoulder, two vision will idle idle vehicle traffic back into the community creating market increment. But when the two products suffered almost like car market today blocked product dilemma, and easy to shake at the capital airport and other places suffered entrapment, Zhang Tao recalls, one of the things most when they do is go to the airport near the capital "Tianzhu Police Brigade" to pay the fine, fishing people. Zhang Tao said, when Wang Weijian has his own rental company, the car is compliance, but still can not stop the government’s obstruction. Finally, shake not choose to insist, but in the spotlight under pressure began to transition, more taxi into the product, and gradually eliminated "black car"". And then the easy to shake, chose the independent taxi little secret division and easy to enter the market to test the water taxi brand parallel. The final is easy to taxi place division die, and his is The whole army was wiped out.

1 shlf1314 Adsense

for each ad Click, the publisher gets a small income. The percentage of advertising fees charged by the shlf1314 as a source of profit was not disclosed. Although there may be a lot of low correlation advertising, adding some confusing information to the page, but the webmaster can really get income from it.

push the battle don’t hesitate!

how to use the online content to make money, let pure advertising banners, pop, Flash disappear from your site? This paper will share with you the experience and suggestion of 178 home owners Wangzhuan introduce to you, through your blog or personal website to make money the best and most effective way. You can consider using the following income measures to tap your income potential as a small publishing company. If used properly, these channels can help you change your information site from hobby to competitive business. Patience and concentration make your quality content rewarded.

‘s first transformation – should I stick to it,

shlf1314 provides Adsense services allow independent publishers, blogs, content owners released contextual text ads on the page content near the only code on the page, the advertisement display is automatically, without manual intervention.

"Wang Weijian is a product of the plot, and many of his designs came directly from his hand painted grass."

taxi hot App industry has lasted for two years, with the thought of subsidies ended travel hot market competition will be dormant, but because of the rise of car and blocked the audience back view. In the past two years, I interviewed most of the taxi products, shaking the cart is the first to appear in the domestic market taxi App products, when the market is only easy to go and shake, go patterns are imitation Uber. With the market drops, fast product, the government increased the suppression of the "black car", and also follow the change strategy, give up the commercial rental market into the taxi market, but in the end because opponents and thorough transformation. Shake so that in the last year, completely shut down the server, in the taxi App market declared dead…

is the best and highest paid source of revenue for blogs, information stations, and small content information sites, Adsense.

is the most important, for different types of pages and content need to adopt a different strategy, not a set of principles can be applied to all sites, the key is how to release through the system, continuous testing, experiment and optimization, to combine content and advertising. For blogs that focus on one area, Adsense can bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, and blogs that discuss high price information can even reach 5 Figure revenues. Without too much investment, you can enter the market relatively quickly. I don’t mean blogs in the traditional sense, but some independent sources of professional information, such as SearchEngineWatch and Paidcontent.org. Adsense can also make money through web search, display search results pages in your station, and provide search related ads.

Chategg note: many webmasters still wonder if shlf1314 can really pay for it? There are probably a lot of painful experiences of similar alliances without payment.

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