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recent news frequency charging leasing companies financing Shuabing treasure, and whether this is a good business, we can not deny the charge is just. Rui technology introduced the "city charging" share wireless charging project, hoping to solve consumer demand for charging at the same time, you can also bring businesses revenue from management and income.

now includes more than 2000 stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hongkong and South Korea, already using the city’s shared wireless charging service, with a total installed capacity of nearly 5000 devices.

in 2009, for each person should be more happy, new year, new hope, new goals. I see a lot of friends blog and space to record their 08 years of summary and plan for 2009. These days I am also considering a problem in 2009, we do the webmaster

the 2008 economic crisis affected owners, including single enterprise station or SEO, or in Internet companies. The 2009 crisis still, how can we resist the cold of winter, spring

simply, the city charge will provide catering businesses to share wireless charging services, including hardware and software products. The hardware products are mainly a desktop wireless charging transmitter and receiver. It is reported that the wireless charging efficiency of this hardware device has reached the level of wired charging. The software product is a Saas management system according to the enterprise’s demand. Through this system, the enterprise can control the wireless charging hardware products in the shop, and analyze the collected data.


from the consumer’s point of view, you Rui technology CEO Sun Lei believe that wireless charging experience better, which means that it is suitable for electronic devices of different types of charging interface, to help consumers get rid of charging line trouble.

third, their web ads. At present, the best advertising or GG.

wireless charging products at this stage are based on two technical routes magnetic induction technology and magnetic resonance technology. The wireless charging distance based on magnetic induction technology is only a few millimeters, and users need precise alignment when using. And the wireless charging based on magnetic resonance technology can increase the charging distance to a few centimeters, the user experience will be greatly improved, and magnetic resonance technology can charge more than one at the same time.

, however, the city charging still chose the magnetic induction technology roadmap, because Sun Lei believes that compared to magnetic resonance technology, magnetic induction technology still has some advantages that can not be ignored. First, it is mature enough, and the overall supply chain is perfect. Two is the most versatile of this technology, the market most of the built-in wireless charging module of the mobile phone, including Samsung, Nokia, LG, SONY, Motorola and so on are using magnetic induction technology. Three is the iPhone8 has been basically confirmed, will join the wireless charging function, and will be compatible with electromagnetic induction technology Qi standard. However, Sun Lei also said that in the future, the city charging will also be based on technology and market development, iteration of the original product, launched new products.

fourth, more difficult to achieve or personal, it is the commercial website profit. This is our most desired effect, but it is difficult to.


from the point of view of merchant use, charging equipment has played the role of line diversion and online drainage. Under the line diversion, mainly refers to charging equipment, can help businesses to some of the individual attracted to everyone is not willing to sit in the long bar position, thereby enhancing the utilization of seat stores. Sun Lei told 36 krypton, >

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first station. As long as in the website construction work should get the money is to live in a few years ago, a corporate website also say there is a 3000 yuan, and now, the enterprise website is personal, Internet companies do. But this year, there are a lot of space to do. But the enterprise or individual companies increasingly want individuals to do to them, instead of the company. We do have several advantages: the price can be agreed, and the company cost high price we have no personal advantage; flexible service, of course this is for personal integrity, do not rule out the possibility of comparison was simple. Of course, the main or the establishment of a friend in the friend, the customer based on customer. For the novice, can take the initiative to find the look.

second, website optimization services. Now the enterprise website or personal website products, more and more the pursuit of efficiency and profit, rather than simply beautiful. Have the ability or have more cases of SEO workers, a month after the one or two SEO list that is absolutely white-collar. But this line of business, reputation must be better, do not promise to customers, once for the money that you do not pay attention to reputation, reputation and customers are less.

but as the first thing goes, the whole set of wireless charging solutions needs to be delivered to consumers and businesses.


how to make money?

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