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      undeniable, the current consumption in the constant escalation of the basic demands of eating, dressing, communication has never changed, but to highlight individuality has been newer, higher consumption mainstream and requirements. And the opportunity is also attached to the provision of "personalized choice" on.

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quotes one: highlight individuality, monopolize the market


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      first, DIY shop is a special form in recent years, the trend is more gratifying, from Taoba, silver bar to bar, bar and so on paper flower, DIY began to infiltrate into all aspects of life. And the general store is different, these small workshops to promote "Do It Yourself" or "Enjoy it yourself" new consumption concept, its selling point is not the product itself, but the process of making products, this is attractive place, also be the main source of profit, but also from the business left a lot to be creative room for development.

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      secondly, it is with personalized goods flagship stores, such as do fine posters gallery, party store and so on, to provide a unique creative products, meet part of the pursuit of personal style, tastes of consumers demand. Although personalized goods need to be different, it is not equal to novelty, and its definition is partly convergent to "niche market" goods. It is particularly important to grasp the yardstick of taking into account both uniqueness and practicability.

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      as the market environment matures and competition intensifies, honestly doing traditional retail space is very limited, a few years ago popular "follow the trend of entrepreneurship" is already very few markets. The shop is only in the pursuit of individuality in the efforts to attract customers critically; only has a distinct personality, in order to make your shop in the fierce competition in talent shows itself in competition at the same time, reduce development space.

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      the concept of a personalized store originated in the United States, and is popular in Japan. It means a unique style, a more specialized and creative shop. At present, in the existing domestic market, personalized concept can be divided into two kinds, one is commodity individuation, mainly holds the characteristics of novelty, consumers change as offbeat and stylish, personalized products such as the one and only, this paper has reported the custom dress, hand-painted leather etc.; another is the store personalized, such as emphasis on coffee the culture of Starbucks, offers exquisite supplies of Muji, these unique shops, from the cultural concepts in order to win the consumer identity.

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      from the two concepts of division, in 2006, worthy of reference to the personality entrepreneurship model, there are two as follows.

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