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in addition to the team, cited capital, Gong Yitao team in the near future there are two other high-profile action. One is the mobile Internet and Chengdu O2O enterprise search friends network to achieve cooperation, another is to establish a cooperative relationship with the real estate under Baolong Baolong electricity supplier project.

single page if you want to make money, and earn a lot, to meet several conditions:

to the 2010 dragon team first set off course "Taobao single page real 1000 month" the single page mode to get the fire, then, can be said that this set of tutorials in Taobao, pat, there is ah, or go to the sh419 search, everywhere is the set of tutorials. Also because of piracy, let more and more people realize the single page mode power! It is no exaggeration to say that 2010 is a single page!!! Until now, we can still see a lot of Amoy station in the use of single page mode.

data show that Gong Yitao served as senior technical director of Alibaba, shlf1314 is responsible for electricity supplier business. 2012 December, Gong Yitao officially became Wanda electricity supplier CEO, and 20>


however, although last year so brilliant and hot, but I want to say today: a single page destined to be eliminated! Why do I like that? Let us profit analysis single page mode:

Wanda joint sh419, the big two Tencent to create electricity supplier of the news that the Internet circle raged, noisy, pay attention to the status of the state power grid has left the former CEO Wanda electricity supplier Gong Yitao. The Wanda electricity supplier’s first head, has begun its own new venture projects, and the same focus on traditional retail O2O field.

According to

in April this year in a public speech, has been removed from Wanda Gong Yitao system elaborated on their "wisdom circle" idea. In his view, the user first, data operations, rapid iteration is a very useful method of the Internet world, and the traditional shopping center in these areas is still relatively fragile.


Wan Jianglong said in the recruitment announcement, has received 30 million angel financing

1. to be precise this is done on the flow properties of CPS, unlike CPM, as long as people open the website money!

has been through the rash and too much in haste in 2 years, from the original silent, until now is full of amoy. Taobao promotion is all kinds of guests, only you can not think, no you can not. Taobao alliance also feed Chinese a large number of small and medium-sized webmaster and Internet entrepreneurs, small to say one thousand or two thousand a month, to say ten thousand or twenty thousand a month, which has been accepted by everyone, also won’t have what get excited over a little thing. Amoy also has become a regular online occupation! Many people to live, this is not excessive. Because Taobao alliance nearly 2 billion annual dividend, is enough to feed a lot of people. Just make, there is no money. To understand the method, there is also a no loss. There is excitement, also have to this disappointment, is a significant life! Today and we talk about his 2 years of website operation mode of Taobao customer opinions.

are 1.99% of the traffic.

billion state power network to understand, search it with its mobile O2O services has accumulated a lot of traditional retail shopping resources in Chengdu, including Cade square, Renhe Spring, Maoyebaihuo, the Mixc, and Jiang dragon tries to use these resources in search it services mainly WiFi laying on the basis of providing customer data analysis and deep drainage operation service.

: the fatal shortcoming of single page

2. to run flow single page mode that is made with high probability, the probability of clicking on the high conversion rate, so if the flow is running more and better!

billion state power network in a recruitment notice million of that martial law, which has received 30 million angel financing, and has signed two commercial real estate, construction of O2O platform. While another insider told billion state power network, Gong Yitao is in talks with overseas capital financing.

insider told billion state power network company, the name of Gong Yitao as the "000 Jianglong Network Limited, headquartered in Wuhan, is aimed at the traditional retail store O2O service, for example, analysis of shopping center data user operation.

search friends network general manager Wang Ruping revealed to billion state power network, its cooperation with Wan Jianglong will not be limited to the operational level, will also involve the level of funds. One possibility is that the acquisition of Wanjiang dragon search friends network shares. But this cooperation has not been finalized.

and Baolong business cooperation, also is the main value of the Eryu million Baolong’s shopping centers resources. Billion state power network to understand, Baolong electricity supplier model is adopted at present 1 shopping centers corresponding to the 1 business platform, the development of regional O2O, the data management, customer management and other aspects of nature there is a huge demand. This is undoubtedly a great opportunity for Gong Yitao’s team.

remember when in the second half of the 09, many people still doubt that Taobao customers can earn money, because Chinese owners have used to do some CPC, CPM, CPA project to make money, click a few cents or one or two cents, to see the effect. A CPS can only think of others to buy commissions, at that time, many people feel a bit mysterious! Do not dare! Has a yellow will naturally have a bold, at that time some people start a navigation station, some people go directly to the forum to post promotion, some people go to the social networking platform to promote, some people directly group…… After verification for half a year, those who do find the original Taobao customer was so money! Taobao off a word sprang up throughout the red circle and the higher the webmaster.

The flow rate of

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