What are the opportunities for the amateur football league nternet market

himself has been in the past few years the Beijing amateur football team is responsible for the organization, of course also played in Beijing, contact each field place, the team and League organization, since it has been in the circle has a sensitive sense of smell, also have certain resources. So a year ago have been trying to find a football Yuezhan platform, the field place, each team and League organizations combine to a platform, and on this platform are necessarily fans, the establishment of a peace treaty with the football community battle platform, this is an opportunity in my eyes. My blog had mentioned this idea many times before, and I found myself thinking more and more clearly. I could explain it in different angles and ways.

doesn’t have execution, and clear thinking is useless. Over the past year, I have not made any breakthroughs in teams and products. But others will not wait for you, there have been many sites to see the market and have to intervene, the biggest thing to do now is "chinago.cn". The former sina sports director Ao Ming created the performance of Internet companies in recent months a strong momentum, they have a strong personal estimation of risk investment support and media resources (such as CCTV), Ao Ming will form a hill city Yuezhan platform at sina sports in abortion he got up. They have been developing channels nationwide and looking for heads of people to spread them out. Careful friends should have seen in Euro 08 CCTV5 have reported that Chinago soft League was held around December, another 08 years of the Spanish National derby and in February 09 Milan Debbie also become Chinago activity opportunities, with their fans on the "Derby" game of passion, held fans nationwide in Derby then, the CCTV5 football night and very fit reported, this propaganda is very big.


of gas China market activities still feel very deep, because a lot of contact with the team and stadium, I recently found many of them told me about this website, that has been the promotion of the role of. I am a very good friend holds Haidian District several course resources, he told me this website and he talked about cooperation; I Shanghai a very good friend of the organization team also opened up his own team’s space in this site, and was very popular, has become the focus of N gathers a team; from our team out of their fans in Milan organized a team, participated in this website is hosted in the Milan derby activities, and win prizes they get authentic jerseys, the team is also locked in the gas space of natural China; and my friend in Xi’an told me that he would see someone wearing a Chinago shirt behind; even my teammates will also recommend the team space based on gas China on. And so on, I think Chinago’s promotion has gone deep, at least in Beijing. There’s too much news about Chinago, and I’m not afraid to advertise them, because this one is too

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