Build a station update 10000 stations automatic renewal myth

the article heading out to write this article today, it should have a good few days, sometimes really want to write something, but do not know what one is, does not seem to have the affinity to the heart will write some articles to bother yourself; hate myself not to insist on; if they can insist, perhaps this should be the number of words in the more than one thousand articles will not be at the fall of a hundred words finished;

wrote this article is a coincidence, Dongguan Chen Yu in the inquiry a web site of the chain, there are a lot of strange connection, and began to think of the black chain, then look at these pages found after a connection is opened there are great similarities, even the website I just sent a a station, which is similar with the station inside the station data and I made exactly the same, when Dongguan Chen Yu thought, collects all of these platforms, in the process of collecting, found more and more, these stations, whether some kind of association, should not, how can the data structure and there are so much similarities, so he took a few minutes to analyze, finally found the connection, when the results come out, my heart really surprised and cool a lot; these are amazing Station on the upper level, the main station is really cattle; very powerful; cool because the main station is too strong, only to find more Dongguan Chen Yu, his wife is too small.


found, found in the hundreds of at least three hundred stations inside, as long as you update a station, then hundreds of other stations will be updated automatically, and you release this station data synchronization; data synchronization is what the concept of it, do not know to ask Baidu


as for what his platform is, I won’t send it here, just get a screenshot of a part of their station,


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