Microsoft wheatgrass incursion is trying to show curry favour by claptrap or OTT

in the previous article swanlike Jun, he once suggested that Microsoft wheatgrass in China if you want to make a real wireless Internet industry news, may wish to change the battlefield.

indeed, after a period of silence, Microsoft wheatgrass finally again reloaded. But learned from the last lesson, this time changed the battlefield, from WeChat to micro-blog. Just last week, Microsoft wheatgrass in a small "tired ah ~ woke up ~", began his micro-blog career. The gameplay is very simple, you only need to @ wheatgrass, you can directly put her out, to accompany you to chat with you, a lot of time, all the Indoorsman respectively @ wheatgrass, much to her playing bad rhythm. For now, micro-blog accounts for 530 thousand of wheatgrass, and the number is still rising rapidly every day.

because ice every time showing rivers and lakes, can cause great concern, so there is article mentioned, Microsoft wheatgrass is just a carefully concocted Microsoft hype. In the battle of Microsoft and WeChat, on the surface, though, wheatgrass was killed. But in fact, WeChat is the real victim. But Microsoft is WeChat to kill, and then pathos, and a solitary WeChat, on the other hand will end themselves in innovators and weak, to get more revenue. Are we really? You think swanlike, while there is speculation, but this is only a tactical problem, is Microsoft’s Public Relations Department of a successful issue. And from the strategic level, wheatgrass undoubtedly bear greater responsibility.

mentioned before, in fact, is the boss of Microsoft wheatgrass giant Microsoft to get rid of their old and clumsy image, an attempt to embrace the Internet with a new attitude. This new attitude for Microsoft is not easy, and now see, he at least the following new ways to play.

lighter loading method,

whether it is before the WeChat platform, wheatgrass, wheatgrass or new now full of blood resurrection, we can see that the product design of wheatgrass, using the current view to light light load, so that each person’s experience threshold is reduced to almost zero. At WeChat, you just need to add her as a friend, then take a group chat. Micro-blog, it is only @ about her, she was you out, this than Aladdin summoned the lamp God one hundred times faster OK? Swanlike Jun believes, so light load mode, is actually represents the future of wireless internet. Looking back at the entire history of it, we can see, but which field is an increasingly light evolutionary process. We see the traditional IT field, and our software uses the C/S architecture to gradually transition to the B/S architecture. The game has moved from online games to web games. The mobile Internet is bound to undergo such a process. That’s why, even in the age of APP’s popularity, HTML5 is still an important source of enthusiasm. Of course, because of the inconvenience of the mobile terminal input, the mobile terminal becomes lighter, not necessarily the traditional web form instead of AP>

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