Rookie Webmaster every rookie has the eagle’s dream

2009, I’m about to graduate. In February, I found an internet job in a hospital, but I didn’t do it at last. When I signed the contract, I quit.

I’ve been building a SNS community since I was in my third year of college, and I’ve written a few copies, but I’m suffering from my lack of technology and money, and I have a lot of projects. So when I graduate looking for a job, I’ve always wanted to work on the SNS website. In February one hundred in the absolute see website editor in recruitment, wild with joy. I threw a resume so far, and I joked with my classmate, SNS. Who got Fu Yushi (my pen name)? Who got the world?. It may be overdone, but I still believe my creativity can set off a new wave of SNS.

now, I returned to school, while learning PHP, while also looking for something to do, and then start the traditional Wangzhuan, I don’t know if I can succeed, but I can not, I must do it, buy space, domain name, the use of pure static pages to build a website ( My ideal is that this website will be able to support myself when I graduate. I hope so.

I saw the president said Chinese SNS love apartment pattern has been set

a few months ago, I was laughing now, SNS pattern has been set, but in the future, there will be a dark horse out of the play you be taken by surprise. And this man in the future is me today.

yes, everything looks very beautiful, beautiful ideal, I’m not sure of success, but I will stick with it, although many people know, the other side of the mountain or the mountain, but each has a dream Eagle rookie, I do not fly past their own look, my life is not perfect.

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