Will traditional portals die Not important

, tell me a real story about leader and me first.

leader is a 70, he first thing every morning to the company is open Sina, quickly browse the news today, so there is a feeling of the world understand, then you can safely work. It is his custom for many years. One day, he suddenly asked me, "how do you read the news every day?" I said. "I’m not sure. Micro-blog, WeChat, APP? It won’t be a portal site anyway.".


leader, I do not know not to say yes or no, maybe the merits, but in a different way, but is the same, we almost do not read newspapers, and for now, the media survival is inconclusive, the portal has sounded the knell of


today, according to several media reports, Liu Shuang ifeng.com CEO released an internal e-mail, e-mail said ifeng.com recently suffered great pressure of stock assessment, a complete departure from the true value, ifeng.com transformation is imminent.

Phoenix does not fly high, because the "fat", so the need for "downsizing", and layoffs of a gun, the industry’s "four voices".

Liu Shuang said in the message, the current ifeng.com personnel, have a considerable degree of swollen, bloated structure, overlapping positions more personnel than work available, the situation is more common. As for the scale of layoffs, Liu Shuang did not disclose.

layoffs because of decline and decline, is the inevitable development of things, compared to the five major traditional portals, this year and last year’s first quarter earnings seen.


senior media observers Guo Quanzhong said, "Sina, phoenix new media, the NetEase is mainly based on the PC Internet advertising portal, advertising growth rate is low, that the traditional portal is in a period of decline."

why the decline? The Internet veteran observer Li Donglou last year, the author said that the decline of the traditional portal from 2012 entered the mobile Internet has emerged, and now indeed signs have emerged from the aspects of aging.

capital, the traditional portals have fallen out of favor, and its business model has bottomed out, temporarily unable to see more imagination, and thus continue to decline in the capital market;

users, each big portal news client users are shunted into a part of the user such as other news headlines today as the representative of the aggregate class App, another part of the users get more news channels, such as micro-blog, WeChat into the circle of friends and other social media channels, and only a handful of users become news client users;

The influence of

, the traditional portal influence suffered repeatedly the impact of the new media sites, but also the traditional portal with a set of editing process in the past to now the new media from the media or experiments, the effect is worrying.

mobile Internet that leads to the decline of traditional portals

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