A ten years old webmaster for novice webmaster experience

A5 also published several articles, I want to make a evaluation of the A5 article in the beginning before A5 did give beginners webmaster provided a good platform, once saw on A5 A5 development has been unable to expand, in fact I think graph king put a platform do a real and practical platform for the webmaster, the user is very strong, so that one of the best domestic core business is very successful. A5 articles are mostly Adsense notes or pseudo original, some of the high quality of novice webmaster really useful, and some articles are not what value is a bunch of text webmaster to promote your web site creation, A5 is really good, it is because of the need for such users while successful, I wrote in the article on A5 I also dare to self criticism, some of the article is to promote their own websites, but today I write this article, I hope to achieve a dual purpose, and must achieve the purpose of it is to help novice station changmen. Because I want more friends to be with me.

first of all, I want to introduce the psychology of Web site users to novice friends and webmaster. A successful and profitable webmaster usually do not take it with the station to tell you, he won’t stop doing successful experience tell you, unless he wants to achieve a certain purpose, on the Internet many tangible and intangible in others work for free, take the blog community, take Baidu encyclopedia. Post Bar, space, all provide everything for you, or to help you are to get a benefit from your body, then the novice webmaster friends, if you really want to rely on the Internet to earn a substantial income, so you have to learn by using " & quot; in use; for example, you go to A5 to send the article, when you put the resources to make sure your interests are protected, you have to make your website promotion every hour and moment to every corner, even the toilet, so the webmaster should sum up This is the mentality is clear do stand to use open Internet resources to promote their own websites, we must pay attention to protect their information is not leaked, don’t put your site everywhere, and only the website to tell your customers, cooperation and competition protection secret protection of god.


I want to introduce any success to the webmaster friends beginner, novice webmaster especially Never mind grassroots webmaster, success is very difficult, not only is this stationmaster industry, every industry is so, no resources, not how to do, at this time you need perseverance and your wisdom. In this website set up after it began to promote your web site, of course, this time you are looking for friends of the chain that is almost impossible, unless you have a good relationship or they have several websites, this time we have to use the Internet features, open to the forum, blog, and write articles for publication, Baidu platform promotion, at the same time to update the site, this is a very difficult process, I spent a year in a variety of ways to promote the site to every corner of your network, Then with PR, with traffic, >

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