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Baidu alliance is "open recruitment Alliance Community gold medal webmaster" this article is my contribution. It’s a very advanced technique, but it definitely works.


as shown, a category a region is recommended for click on class advertising (CPC) advertising, and the click probability decreases from 1 to 4.

, B, category, regional recommendation, CPM, or picture class click ad. Click chance decreases from 1 to 3.

other areas are not suitable for advertising.

explained in detail:

1.A1 is the highest content of all station page click on the probability, the reason is A by Chinese from left to right, from top to bottom reading habits, if the advertising content is required for visitors, visitors click probability is greater than 3%. Recommend Baidu theme description unit or theme lab, size of 336*280, 300*250 and other rectangular ads.

2.A2 is the area with second click probability, which is suitable for advertising such as 728*90, 500*160 and so on. The width is best coordinated with the text width. It is recommended to put text ads.

3.A3 is the most traditional advertising, only one, can be used to put a number of picture ads, you can also put 960*40’s Baidu search box advertising. The picture is bigger and more conspicuous.

4.A4 is an advertisement that visitors may be interested in when they want to get relevant information after reading the article. If the advertisement matches well, it should be more ideal. A2 ads are recommended.

, B1.120*600, 160*600 and other large picture advertising, such as Baidu cooperation promotion advertising.

B2. is good for popular information, entertainment, advertising, etc..

B3. basically does not click the amount of advertising position, I often used to advertise the station’s advertising, such as the concept of the service station banners.

note, these only represent personal views, although after a variety of websites on the test, but does not guarantee that all sites are appropriate, to attract people, this is the main purpose of this article. Welcome to communicate with me (Baidu HI account: sckooin)

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