Talking about how to use micro blog to enhance enterprise brand

When micro-blog

has become an inseparable part of people’s lives, when you whenever and wherever possible feelings or photo pass on micro-blog as the habit of a lot of people, when you see the micro-blog building layers are constantly being refreshed, when see the micro-blog marketing case of many large companies are very successful, maybe we just think of many small businesses. This is not our company opened its micro-blog, is not our company should also carry out marketing by micro-blog micro-blog? Today, we’re not talking about how micro-blog marketing, we first turn to the enterprise through what steps to open micro-blog.

1, understand what micro-blog is. Maybe some people think that micro-blog is just a blog. Some people think it is micro-blog SMS, essays, or even laoke. None of this is true. That’s true, because micro-blog does have some of the features of the tools, and it’s different. So, before we start micro-blog, we should first understand what micro-blog is. Micro-blog is a social networking platform that delivers short messages via a focus mechanism. In the final analysis, he is a platform, with the characteristics of simplicity, timeliness, and sharing. For enterprises, it is an important platform for enterprises to release real-time important information or attract users’ attention.

2, the formation of micro-blog team. In the enterprise information platform is going to run this, we need to have a full team, with various functions and specific positions, including creative development, creative implementation, docking enterprise strategy and micro-blog, and interactive window of various functional departments of enterprises, such as upload text. Members should have good communication skills and writing skills, so as to be able to express in an appropriate moment some of the enterprise’s appeal. And the necessary training for team members, so that we understand the basic rules of micro-blog, micro-blog’s writing skills, the basic quality of fans development skills, including crisis PR and other necessary communication skills, so that we can serve as foreign enterprises issued window.

3, confirm the establishment of micro-blog positioning and objectives. Whatever you do, you must first think about why you should do it, and the opening of micro-blog is no exception. For individuals, micro-blog may be an entertainment tool, communication tool. But for businesses, micro-blog’s information platform is the media. What we hope micro-blog can do for us is to expand visibility, or to serve customers, or to answer questions for the public. This will determine what type of micro-blog we’ll be opening, whether it’s an enterprise brand, micro-blog, or a customer service micro-blog, or an executive micro-blog. Only by determining our purpose, can we truly open the micro-blog that suits us and achieve our goal.

4, registered micro-blog. First of all, we have to choose the right platform, different micro-blog platforms may have different aspects of attention, as companies choose a platform for our more suitable registration. As for how to register, this article will not go into details. Registered names need to be related to an enterprise brand or name. Then, don’t worry about it. You need to tell everyone who you are. Try your hair first

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