Website promotion method summary

1.SEO, this is actually in the station at the same time should be considered, proven effective for several things, URL Pinyin, a direct and simple title, the title split with " |", right meta, RSS subscription, rich site links, site map, and & lt; h1> < b> this label is the most important thing is not to do evil. When you’ve done this, submit your site to the search.

key recommendation: login social search engine. The amount of traffic that search engines bring to the web is huge. At home, especially Baidu and google. Once someone’s website is blocked by Baidu, the consequences can be serious. But the big search engine has its own personality, want to use the search engine to bring great flow, or need a lot of skill. Of course, we can choose new social search, such as: deyeb. The actual promotion effect is very good! This kind of website combines many Web2.0 elements, and he is a social search engine, users want to express the information, the content of promotion, it is easy to achieve the ultimate goal through such websites.

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