Talking about the future direction of search engine


phase 1: content related

related content refers to users who search for a keyword in the search engine, the search engine is first from all the content on the website to judge what to write, the first is to analyze from the beginning of title, and the next step is to determine from the anchor text to the content of the article. Keywords the last step is to have H1 tags that contain the keyword density to one by one analysis, so that we can determine the correlation between the content of the search engine is based on this ranking, this is one of them.

second phase: content related + link related


search engine in addition to the judgment on the content, but also on the website of the link to the analysis, this is the second step in the analysis process, all links in the site, which is contained in the anchor text keywords, because many people use the anchor text to write not other related contents, so I had in the article has stressed the need to include the correlation we must when using anchor text, if the site is " BB cream " the beauty industry, it is best to write "BB cream is what" or "use BB cream" long tail keywords, this effect is

1. increases correlation.

2. increases the importance of density.

3., if the long tail keywords do well, ranking up, traffic will follow up.

4. increase user industry experience

5. allows search engines to better identify and give better rankings.

many do Taobao guest webmaster, like to add some Taobao products outside the link, so it will very affect ranking. Recommendations should be unified best.

third stage: content correlation + link correlation + user behavior

in addition to the above two good, the next most important thing is the search engine, now the user behavior is very strict. At present, Baidu is the most valued user experience behavior, and Google is inside the optimization and external links. If you do Baidu ranking, opponents then click rate, the general case is beyond, before many people rely on malicious click ranking, the end is Baidu ruthless K out, now Baidu hit in this very strict, suggest the webmaster is careful to do the best SEO optimization, do not think the east to the west, can get a return, will eventually have to pay for everything, this is not a very good practice.

user behavior includes:

1. click keywords.

2. browsing time

3. hits

4. accessing PV

5. exit rate

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