Air Quality Forecast For Vanderburgh County

first_imgOzone(peak 8-hr avg)(expected)36-45 ppb36-45 ppb36-45 ppbNA*NA* * Not Available and/or Conditions Uncertain.Air Quality Action DaysOzone Alerts are issued by the Evansville EPA when maximum ozone readings averaged over a period of eight hours are forecasted to reach 71 parts per billion (ppb), or unhealthy for sensitive groups on the USEPA Air Quality Index scale.Particulate Alerts are issued by the Evansville EPA when PM2.5 readings averaged over the period of midnight to midnight are forecasted to reach 35 micrograms per meter cubed (µg/m3).Forecast statistics documenting the reliability of these air quality forecasts are compiled on a monthly, seasonal (May through September for ozone), and an annual basis.  Compilations of these statistics are reported in Vanderburgh County Health Department’s Annual Report and available on request.Current conditions of OZONE and FINE PARTICULATE MATTER are available in near real-time on the Indiana Department of Environment Management’s website.National and regional maps of current conditions are available through USEPA AIRNow.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare OzoneAir Quality IndexgoodgoodgoodNA*NA* Air quality forecasts for Evansville and Vanderburgh County are provided as a public service.  They are best estimates of predicted pollution levels that can be used as a guide so people can modify their activities and reduce their exposure to air quality conditions that may affect their health.  The forecasts are routinely made available at least a day in advance, and are posted by 10:30 AM Evansville time on Monday (for Tuesday through Thursday) and Thursday (for Friday through Monday).  When atmospheric conditions are uncertain or favor pollution levels above the National Ambient Air Quality Standards, forecasts are made on a daily basis.Ozone forecasts are available from mid-April through September 30th.  Fine particulate (PM2.5) forecasts are available year round.center_img WednesdayAugust 17ThursdayAugust 18FridayAugust 19SaturdayAugust 20SundayAugust 21 Fine Particulate(0-23 CST avg)Air Quality IndexmoderategoodgoodNA*NA*last_img

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