Station owners do not touch the door of several major reasons

Chinese Internet users are growing every year, but their interest in web portals is beginning to decline.

Most of the

more often landing portal is 70, 80 – early by the network "poisoning" deep, because they are the first contact with the Internet so few portals, so every day under accidentally landing on portal news, know more information, and these people are accustomed to, once a new point of interest they will also become a portal, finally can’t stay back".

and now there are more and more people use search engines to find the information they want, such as Baidu, Google, more and more people go to the forum, some vertical interest circles of friends, chat, such as, Tianya; even the advertisers, put ads on some professional websites, because they can more accurate, more money, such as the IT, Hongyun advertising.

so Internet users are losing loyalty to portal sites,

apart from that……

one, the value of the portal to Internet users is more reflected in the acquisition of information, such as to go to Sina, Sohu is to look at the news, because he is a big media, more authoritative. (but now the door moves, PR protection, but also often do some negative news, remind customers to vote advertising. As a result, the credibility of the portal is losing a little bit, so remind everyone, unless you decide to do portal ads, don’t touch any sales, and, in a word, be careful about the negative)

two, users of the image ads have lost their curiosity, often will automatically filter out the advertisement when the news, what is reading a web page you asked him the content of the picture, very few people can remember. In addition, some browsers blocked a lot of advertising.

three, the portal ads are dug clean, and everywhere small pictures. Go to the corner to see what users boring advertising?! and together by the local media website is not the same as IT, the polymerization of the local site, is the first screen page or two page gold position, not only affect the portal, but for the people in place. And want to see the exposure on the portal to influence consumers is simply wishful thinking, CPM on the portal does not make much sense (the first home screen except, but a lot of money). So, a lot of money on the door to do the so-called image of advertisers, basically can be positioned as S× (sorry, foul language, but it is a fact)

four, you can add……

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