How to make your site cute

is now a popular era of personal homepage, as long as the Internet, it must be shuttling back and forth in the streets of the internet. It is undeniable that these sites are excellent everywhere, but not worth mentioning sites are also common. Obviously, regardless of website builder or net friend, everybody urgently needs to know where the good website is, so what is a good website?


      whenever you have, keep it in mind: user first. Without users, what is the point of the site? You may use ISDN, or you may use a high-speed line, but you must know that most people still dial the Internet through Modem at this point, and sometimes traffic jams are very serious. This has to be taken into consideration. After you have finished, you’d better dial the Internet yourself and test it yourself.


      must consider the users browser software, if you want to let everyone see no obstacles to your home, so don’t use only part of the browser supports HTML format procedures or skills. If you want to show your skills and don’t want to give up some of the potential audience, can consider several different viewing mode options are set at the home page (such as text mode, Frame mode, Java mode, etc.) for the visitors to choose.

home page and content

      home page is the face of the website, its importance is self-evident. In addition to the beauty, it is best to make a brief description of the nature and content of the site on the first page. In the design, it is best to adhere to the clean and refreshing principle, if not necessary, try not to place large picture files, or with improper procedures. Although the homepage is important, but "content is always the first", please remember one thing: any content, including words, pictures, images, sounds, must be related to the information that the website wants to provide. Content classification is also very important, and no matter which classification method, let visitors can easily find the target. In addition, you should add a brief description of the contents of the options section next to the next line of each classification option.


      an important feature of Internet is interaction. A good home page must have good interactivity with the viewer, and it feels like he’s getting the right response every step of the way. If necessary, add a E-mail mailbox for comments to increase interactivity. If you want someone to search your site, don’t forget to add a keyword string that you can search for in the Title directive.

pictures application

      pictures have eye-catching, attractive and messaging capabilities; good pictures add color to the home page, but >

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