Eagles small websites facing crashes

this week, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) issued new regulations to prohibit individuals registered CN domain to be registered, must produce a business license or certificate of organization code, which makes many people feel wuleihongding, as if their future development is broken. And in order to meet the special movement of the national crackdown of illegal information, the site did not record the crackdown, many are screened on Internet access provide access to websites without filing website, forum, chat room will be shut down. Some large formal website, so got involved, not to mention the unknown station, is to let a lot of people complain incessantly.

personal web site occupies a large part of this, many of my friends have their own independent blog and small forums, and then there is no access. The reason is very simple, these websites have not obtained "the information network dissemination audio-visual program permit", "the network culture management permit", "the Internet electronic announcement service permit". That’s all..CN doesn’t allow individuals to register any more. The reason is very simple. Many illegal websites use.CN. Because of its low price, so that the site’s operating costs greatly reduced, and what is more, a web site has ten.CN pointing, which makes.CN no longer can not fly into the ordinary people’s home".

this makes people think, why when the site when no one to tube, and to their own site, with a certain reputation, there is a certain flow, and then the tube is really puzzling. Not because a website has a problem, it broke all the way, this is the contradiction between the regulatory responsibility and benefit, the original Chinese desperate propaganda.CN, known for its low prices, and soon had a tendency to spread, and now.CN Limited Registration, let.CN some decadent trend. One of the biggest victims is nothing more than the grassroots webmaster, do not have their own company, to earn a few dollars a year, depending on the interests to maintain the website to have what are not really empty, not disappointing!

generally speaking, it is the cold winter of Internet industry now, everybody should be careful

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