Also talking about the influence of the size of traffic on website ranking

today home owners to see an article "the size of the flow to the website ranking effect", which comes with a good ranking, flow naturally high flow, high ranking, naturally good……… ", the first half of the sentence may be correct, the second half of the sentence really beg to differ there is some evidence:


in the "178 union" as the keyword search in Baidu, respectively Google and Yahoo, are in the first row, need to remind you is: this site has yet to carry out publicity, so very little traffic, in the same key words in "than the site traffic" is a multi site search results (over one million), and they are in the back row, so I thought: "high flow, the natural ranking is good……… This is not correct!

if some people think that the above analysis, the conclusion is not complete, then we may wish to change 178 words "search again: in Baidu, Google, Yahoo, the station are ranked 22, 8, 15, and" the site traffic flow than the "multi site is (search the results are tens or hundreds of millions). Based on this…… three search engines, with a keyword search, the website (or web) optimization is the decision of website (web page) the only factor ranking.

because of the limited time, this being the first here, after more experience of… More.., welcome friends to express their own opinions.

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