Competition between competitors websites is not learning

in how to do the site optimization process, a lot of experience in learning to share with competitors, how to learn? But look at the competition site layout, outside the chain, then, what are the benefits? You can take a shortcut through, in the search box input: site+ website domain name, you can see the competition website where do the link, I will follow, it saves a lot of time, the same, the site layout, website content update on all the competitors things take over, so learning, "as the letter as a book, the downside is that their website completely follow the competition website hips. Without innovation, only copy, beyond what about


Internet industry site has this traditional habit, at least not yet broken, that is, an industry bigger only one, Baidu, Taobao, QQ…… Although simple, no one is beyond, Baidu has more than 70% market share in search engine, Taobao C2C QQ has a single large, most users of the chat tool, this is the Internet leader, occupy most of the market share, giant so, other industries are also the similar, between the Internet industry website fight, no matter at first you are thousands of thousands of final go hand in hand, only a few home rule the roost, like a "made man", in most cases only one, of course, there are also four births is a miracle, a miracle!

We look at the giant

website is how to get along with colleagues? Talk about WeChat, WeChat, Ali platform immediately stake in micro-blog, then blocked the two-dimensional code in the Tmall mall, Taobao, and put forward to the "social business" from the development of electronic commerce concept, Ali group made the idea of reaction is to restrain the opponent closely. Then, to find a solution to the problem, in the past, take the Tencent style, is likely to be a copycat "WeChat" to learn about, of course, there are people watching WeChat envious, for example, recently the "easy", easy to believe how good, how far the market for WeChat. Average,

!What harm to the

competition website to learn? We all know compared to "herding", that is the leader where to go back, the sheep will follow the leader behind the sheep jumped into the cliff, would not hesitate to jump, this point can often be seen in the search engine optimization see, people get good rankings by cheating, then follow suit, together towards the end result…… There are many webmaster love playing chess, love often play chess with a friend especially familiar with the word "baskets and foul play chess, more and more smelly!" Baidu on 2012 Chinese website done a survey statistics, there are currently 80% sites belonging to the inferior site in the "health" of the extreme state of learning, to this the results of the

website as can be imagined!

then, do you want to live out of contact with each other? It’s also a mistake. Learning makes progress. If the webmaster is not good at learning, he will limit himself to a small circle

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