How has the tide of reputation network failed

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speaks of word of mouth, and many people may have forgotten the web site that once tried to compare with the public. But in June 2015, after Alipay revision for the new interface, some of you will find the bottom bar Alipay appeared in the businesses of this column, click on the go to find many local delicacy, the film, hotel and tour around the business, and have discount message. This change after Alipay announced, it is gone for 4 years "reputation network" revived and re entered the service life of the local market by Alipay’s new open O2O interface, fighting the battlefield.


"new word of mouth" on-line, quickly in the O2O market to share a piece of cake. According to the recently published data, as of the end of August, the daily order volume has exceeded 1 million. "The new word" incomparable user advantages, with Alipay payment advantages and traffic advantages, once again demonstrated his ferocity, but this comeback will lay the country steady in one fell swoop, do bigger and O2O this market, still can make nothing of it, but the history as a mirror, mirror, may "knock on the new development of bell mouth and provide some thoughts.

‘s changing reputation network: from birth to rising

word of mouth network formally launched in June 2004. At that time, the public comment was born more than a year, the development has not formed, the two have yet to intersect. Word of mouth online line after the integration of the 2003 on-line Yi Lin network real estate information resources, the main real estate information, as we all know, in 2004, the real estate market is not a hot industry, prices are far from now so crazy, there is no housing transactions after 07 years so hot, Soufangwang expansion it has not yet begun.

The development of

in 06 years time, have developed a good reputation of the network, the network can be found according to the information, the reputation in March 2006 was named Web2.0 100 best in December 2005, when China won the 2005 top 100 commercial websites "the most noteworthy commercial website" title, November 2005 in 2005 China Internet ten venture award".

by October 2006, Alibaba injected word of mouth network 5 million. Although this is the first capital of reputation, is also the first Alibaba investment group and foreign enterprises, the investment to get word of mouth network should be easy on the surface, but in fact, according to founder Li Zhiguo’s reputation in a speech in 14 years, to get word of mouth network financing is not easy, "we looked for 05 years financing can not find, VC is not so small we investment projects, we do product development in Ali Ma Zhang Ying know my ability, but see the tall VC they cannot read (this is my first two years do Angel >

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