Forecast of China’s nternet industry development in 2009

2008 has ended, while China is influenced by the traditional spring festival. 2009 is still not in the minds of many people. The extraordinary 2008, in the minds of every Chinese people are indelible. 2, the financial crisis will continue in 2009, and will the Internet remain "winter" in 2009? It’s really a place for Internet users. Especially individual stationmaster, it is a heart disease. The personal webmaster is thinking about which direction the Chinese Internet will go in 2009. Is it in your favor?

financial crisis sweeping the world, a lot of things that once impossible to happen, many large enterprises have closed down, a large number of migrant workers unemployed, forced to return home. In the Internet, many large websites, once B2B revenue, began to enter the C2C market. Now I’m the author of SEO in Shaanxi who makes a prediction about the Internet in 2009.

predicts that the number of internet jobs in China will continue to rise.

predicts two: the number of Chinese Internet users will skyrocket.

predicts three: the number of people engaged in the online store will rise by.

predicts four: porn websites will gradually decrease.

predicts five: the website of Chinese Internet will be more perpendicular, more professional direction develops.

forecast six: the proportion of network marketing will increase the proportion of marketing in the whole.

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