Alternative ways to increase web site chain

many articles have written some ways to increase the web site outside the chain, but basically are the kind of conventional, such as: friendship connection, message board, blog, soft inside of not say, everybody knows.

below said a few alternative increase site outside the chain method, both increased the chain, and may also bring you some traffic, for new sites can also speed up Baidu included. Personal ideas for reference only, do not like not to see…

1. webmaster space. Or a more conventional, and a large station station PR are relatively high, but also opened the webmaster space, now behind the opening, such as:, 248213


may use this to carry on the promotion, under own space sends the post, brings in the connection.

2. pictures posted. Suitable for sites with picture stations, such as: to QQ forum, with modules connected, and incidentally can be accompanied by writing watermark. If the template is good, it may be reprinted by more people (the premise that your picture allows the chain). Also added a lot of the chain, the watermark on the picture may add some popularity to you.

3. message code in the connection. For QQ site. QQ space message code often inscribed when you can bring your own website

, for example:, to publish in other places, others see or may not delete, will think members copied over, nothing.

4. hidden chain. May be a lot of people use, and now most of the site’s background is not white, is black, in the white background, the connection of their website text into white, black, the same. This is generally not seen. The code is as follows: [url=][color=#ffffff] Tudou, TV series, [/color][/url]

5. original content. For many stations. Sports video station, for example. You sort out your daily data and release it.

, for example:

you put this month’s top ten balls sorted out, and then you can go to a lot of forums on the release, as long as there are sports sector forums can be issued. Because this can not be said to be advertising, but also can bring useful information for members, so general >

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