Admin5 spider kindness will be rewarded

introduction: rotten eggs, rotten tomatoes, ready, because this article is flattering.

himself, an ordinary small stationmaster, barely lives by several garbage stations. Has always been out of date, know that the webmaster network is purely accidental. One I think is very cattle X SEO predecessors told me, every day in ADMIN5 on 5 links, up to 2 months, will get rich returns. If you want to listen to your predecessor, you should insist on sending a link every day. The effect is not bad. But the garbage station is the garbage station. Lao Li is going to die with a sneeze. No way to change the domain name, continue to send. I also have no way ah, submitted to Baidu, he does not give ah, can only use the point of the chain. Every time secretly send dozens, second days morning check can live more than 5 happy pidianpidian. To tell you the truth, I saw someone posting an advertisement in my post. I wasn’t happy, so I was able to live a victory.


last week, the night of 3 night, the habit of Admin5 to send advertising, suddenly found the top announcement writing in a Admin5 forum spider completed, look into the, kuangyun, all peers, are catching spider. This is definitely a wise decision graph king boss, see struggling small owners who struggle, China grassroots leader has made a decision of the decision with no predecessors, to fill the gaps in the grassroots community. Don’t have to worry about because advertising is to delete posts, we are open and aboveboard to catch the spider. "I’m here to catch spiders," has spread around the grassroots.

has been in the mix for a long time. The station has also been there, and it has also been advertising. Is to delete posts, are behind the vest killed several, didn’t what to complain. But nagging is always going to happen. The root of the oligarchs, you can not always stare at the eyes can’t top, sometimes we look down at those struggling in the Internet Chinese in small webmaster ah, we don’t support you with what had been so leisurely and carefree. Water boat can capsize. Don’t try to fool us with something that doesn’t fall. We can’t understand it, and even if we understand it, we can’t do it. All receive Admin5 advertising more, soft Wen more, this is not life by force? If can be like oligarchs, who has the spare time to send these rubbish?. Just give us some space, send a little advertising, send a little soft Wen, and how can we, and give you a shame,


heard that after the Admin5 Google PR update, the PR value rose to six. Congratulations, good is always rewarded, hope Admin5 bigger, bigger and stronger. Of course, if you always implement the first station, this line, policy down, will certainly become stronger and stronger.

let the rotten eggs and rotten tomatoes go a little harder,


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