Six years do station experience to new Adsense a few opinions

when I see some warm and enthusiastic webmaster to promote their own websites, I will hold support attitude look into the points, but I came out immediately, why? Because I couldn’t stay. There’s nothing I can do to stay. So I want to ask these because the impulse or see some successful website some successful webmaster do stand friends brothers, what is your station? You stop selling what is it? You stand really able to keep the Internet? See what station do what station. Now there was fierce fierce navigation, do portal, sometimes I think, brother. Are you tired,

?I come to

, I did not say what the old here is not to boast, I just give you some advice. If we are looking for one hundred new words to do investigation, I believe there will be one hundred people do stand very tired, why tired? Stay up all night, constantly updated, left at his station right not pleasing to see not pleasing to the eye, this change, there is what. Keep looking for hot news, and keep on doing hot topics. Continue to BBS post, continuously add Adsense group propaganda, continue to stick post. The result is constantly being Baidu K, and then bad change meters, and constantly propaganda, really tired.

my dear friends, sometimes we ask ourselves, do stand really make money then? Really and so promising way out? Alliance continue to pull the amount of code ads continues to tempt you, only then one or two GG every day, your knife, pay and reward is proportional to


many people believe what, a month has tens of thousands of IP, a week, thousands of IP, the real webmaster all know, this is possible?


before the station, can be said to be a successful one, basically as long as there is a little creative content, you can be successful, why? Because people caught the opportunity, because people at that time as the beginning of reform and opening up the sea who do business as a person is facing the ten thousand opportunity. And now, my brothers, now we’re ten thousand people looking for a chance. How difficult is it? How difficult is it and how many can succeed?

of course, I am not against your self-confidence, I just want to do it in the station, or just do the station when carefully think about, what is my way out, and what is my point? Why my users to browse my website? Just in time to? The second time

will come?

well, even if you have read, creative, so if you can do a Baidu like you stand up? If not Baidu, even if the hao123 webmaster, people do the same with your station, you can do to win others? Now the society is fish small fish eat small shrimp. There will never be second hao123, and there will never be second ma.

I just said, "I don’t talk about it, and it’s hitting everyone’s confidence. I just want to tell you, if…

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