Flattop 5K Road Race draws massive turnout

first_imgLAMOINE — Saturday marked the unofficial start of road race season as runners from throughout the state traveled to Lamoine Consolidated School for this year’s Flattop 5K.A total of 171 runners attended the race, the 14th in the event’s history. The Flattop began as an annual event in 2005 in honor of former Lamoine Harbormaster Bill Pinkham and his renowned hairstyle.Richard Sukiennek of Bangor ran away with first place overall with a time of 16 minutes, 39 seconds. His finish was 1:29 ahead of the second-place finisher, Lubec’s Peter Williams.Eleven-year-old Teanne Ewings of Houlton was the top female finisher with a time of 18:50 and an overall place of fourth. Ewings rounded out the top five along with third-place finisher Charlie Collins over Winterport and fifth-place finisher Buster Brown of Lamoine.This is placeholder textThis is placeholder textOther top local finishers included Bob Ciano of Castine (ninth place), Halley Facciolo of Ellsworth (11th place), Tim Wakeland of Dedham (12th), John Peckham of Orland (22nd), Michael Wade of Ellsworth (23rd), Charlie Dalton of Lamoine (24th), Alex Johnson of Mount Desert (25th) and Robert Jordan of Ellsworth (28th).Below is a list of the race’s top-100 finishers.Richard Sukiennik, 16 minutes, 39 secondsPeter Williams, 18:08Charlie Collins, 18:39Teanne Ewings, 18:50Buster Brown, 19:03Bryant Perkins, 19:19Tim Pearson, 19:25Erik Knickerbocker, 19:33Bob Ciano, 19:39Evan Merchant, 19:45Halley Facciolo, 20:02Tim Wakeland, 20:12Rick Reardon, 20:16Joe Roberts, 20:18Scott Heidemann, 20:27John Mills, 20:36Peter Lodge, 20:41Dara Knapp, 20:50Aaron Hoovler, 21:10Katherine Collins, 21:16Tom Dowling, 21:46John Peckham, 22:01Michael Wade, 22:05Charlie Dalton, 22:05Alex Johnson, 22:08Ava Dowling, 22:20Ian Bauersfeld, 22:35Robert Jordan, 22:47Jonathan Rice, 22:53Toni Bridges, 23:01Bailey Bishoff, 23:03Michael Westphal, 23:06Mike Zboray, 23:07Ellis Columber, 23:22Peter Hall, 23:27Jared Drake, 23:48Joyce Reardon, 23:52Austin Townsend Jr., 24:02Lisa Kingsbury, 24:05Kassie Strout, 24:06Timmy Collins, 24:08Rick Maser, 24:08Lisa Tweedie, 24:17Christopher Heel, 24:28Jay Haney, 24:36Ivy Wallace, 24:44Marc Dupuy, 24:56Mary Stubbs, 25:07Bret Hanson, 25:08Veronica Davila, 25:20Amy Houghton, 25:32Tony Santiago, 25:33Chris Day, 25:41Jim Newett, 25:43Thomas Murphy, 25:50Christopher Light, 25:52Angela Ewings, 26:13Michael Madell, 26:31Robin Clarke, 26:42Lauren Weinbrown, 26:49 Joshua Morse, 26:51Chris Almy, 26:52Geoffrey Dapice, 37:05Debbie Hall, 27:05Robert Tapley, 27:18Steve Strout, 27:25Kally Havlin, 27:37Susan Bean, 27:47Rebecca Marckoon, 27:48Sam Ingram, 27:54Jennifer Brodie, 27:55Lisa Kearns, 27:58Andrew Somes, 27:58Kyle Snow, 28:05Betta Cahn, 28:15Maggie Fowler, 28:19Nancy Patterson, 28:19Robert Garnett Jr., 28:19Rick Houghton, 28:20Elizabeth Williams, 28:30Lloyd Harmon, 28:30Dave Samuelian, 28:31Matt Haney, 28:56Glen Merchant, 28:57Jeanne Butterfield, 28:59Tamera Murphy, 29:06Cole Lessard, 29:27Stephen Fay, 29:35Susie Fay, 29:38Diana Thomas, 29:43Jessica Marks, 29:54Katherine Dow, 30:02John Tjepkema, 30:10Susan Raven, 30:11Susan Hanson, 30:14Alexandra Collins, 30:22Europah Hagarman, 30:44Alison King, 30:53Rob Laskey, 30:59Robert Jones, 31:22last_img

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