Quick website from 100 abstruse cereal contest summary Google optimization

from 100 abstruse cereal optimization contest, can let Google fast included website

first, we look at the Olympic Valley site optimization

first, we look at the Olympic Valley site optimization GG in the first Olympic Valley site: baiaogu.com, is written on the Olympic


let’s take a brief analysis. The website has been collected,

checked his outer connections and had 8.

on the GG

1., 4 of which are from webmaster networks (2 forums, 2 own BLOG),

2. is a YAHOO quiz here. Is estimated to ask ourselves from a,!!!

3. comes from a forum. Take a brief look at the forum, the weight is not high, it is estimated that GG just updated to this forum,

4. comes from the campus network. It is estimated that the participating webmaster is the webmaster of the campus code, or the relation is better.

through the above analysis, I do not know you can not see the point. What… I personally think: YAHOO quiz. Is a collection of the fastest place, whether it is YAHOO or GG. yesterday probably look, in addition to stationmaster, the fastest.


so there will be a similar game later. Don’t forget to go to YAHOO first and send a question…..

As the thickness of the

. To know… Not to mention.. although a little. But I believe we all know…… let site quickly included. One of the most simple method. By high quality, updated outside! Introducing link…..

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